Hat Styles: How Do They Elevate the Facial Contours of Women?

Many women find it challenging to choose a hat for themselves. It leaves them perplexed regarding the headgear they must prefer to acquire a flattering appearance enhancing their features and personality. When it comes to wearing a hat, one size does not fit all. It is essential to consider various parameters such as the size of your head, your personality, facial and body features. After considering the above, when you purchase headgear, it is sure to be your best buy.

Here are a few guidelines that help modern women to carry headgear with ease and comfort:

For females who prefer style and comfort at the same time must opt for a hat that can help them stand out. The fashion market offers a plethora of hat styles, leaving the buyer with the freedom to choose the one that styles them the best. Purchasing a hat is not a very difficult choice to make. If you consider the following, you are sure to win hearts with your flattering piece of accessories.

Consider the shape of your face

One of the significant determinants of which hat style you must purchase is your face shape. Before deciding on a headgear, every woman should consider close examination of their visage by looking at the mirror and understanding the shape of their face. There is a hat available for every facial feature in the market. The idea behind considering the characteristics of your face is to flaunt the best parts while hiding the flaws. For instance, if a woman has big pretty eyes and a broad chin, she must opt for headgear that brings down all the attention to her eyes. An oval face requires wide brim hats for women to minimize the length of the face and bring attention to other aspects. After ascertaining whether your face is round, square, or oval, the next step is to take guidance from experts to help you choose the right style.

Round face

Women with a round face must opt for headgears with a tall crown, thereby distracting the viewers from the shape. Therefore it is essential to avoid a hat that enhances a round face. Such females can opt for edgy hats that make their features appear sharp.

Long face

Females with extended facial features must opt for broad brim hats such as Fedora and Panama. Such women should avoid headgears with a low crown that enhances the length of the face.

Square face or jawline

Females with a square face are free to experiment with the wide variety of hats that help them to create an apparent circular feature. Such females should prefer headgear with a soft brim. Beret hats provide a fashionable look, even out the facial contours, thereby breaking the symmetry of a square face.

Keep in mind the dimensions of your face

The dimensions of your face also play a crucial role in choosing the right hat style. Before purchasing headwear, females must take a few measurements, determining the right size hat for their head. The dimensions of your face must be acquired with the help of a measuring tape, helping individuals refer to the same while purchasing headgear. The length from the forehead to the chin, your jawline, and your cheekbones need consideration to allow you to opt for the perfect hat style.

Choose a hat that complements your personality and face

While you may be a lover of Fedora hats, you cannot purchase one regardless of your personality and features. Therefore it is essential to choose a headgear that complements your face, the size of your body, and your nature. Although, it is significant to consider your personal preference and opt for a hat that suits your unique taste, it is sensible to assess your suitability and sense of style. Therefore if you are a person who loves to carry jewelry and other accessories, avoid embellishments on your hat and try to keep it simple.

Keep into account your hair type

In addition to facial features, there are other important considerations to determine headwear is the type and style of hair. Beret caps do the best job for women with curly and bouncy tresses. Other generous headgears with a wide brim and crown work well with curls. Such individuals should do away with close-fitting caps as it spoils the look. On the other hand, females with straight hair do not require any particular look, as most hats go well with a straight hairstyle. However, it is essential to tuck your hair behind your ears while donning a headgear. If you have a bob- haircut and prefer styling it with a hat, the ideal would be trilby, providing an androgynous look to the wearer.

You have learned that choosing headgear according to the shape of your face is significant. Another significant aspect to consider is that your hat should help you feel confident and comfortable at the same time. With the help of the above protocols, you can choose a hat that looks best on you. However, you should never be apprehensive about trying different styles and colors. If it boosts your confidence, it is sure to show up on your face.

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