8 Signs That You Should Look Into Getting Dentures

Dentures tend to get a bad rep. Most people think that only old people should wear dentures. But in reality, no one is too young to lose their teeth. A lot of the time, it’s up to your dental hygiene that decide on whether you’re going to need dentures. And missing teeth aren’t the only reason to need them either. Read on for 8 other signs that you might need dentures.

1- You Want to Avoid Invasive Procedures

Certain health issues can make you a poor candidate for more invasive procedures that require oral surgery. Likewise, not everybody wants to have oral surgery. That’s why dentures are a great choice for anyone who wants to avoid going through an invasive dental procedure.

2- Letting Gum Disease Fester

Gum disease or gingivitis can usually be stopped if treated early on. If left to fester, you can expect to start losing teeth. Untreated bleeding gums quickly lead to bone loss with tooth loss shortly after. This makes red, swollen gums a major sign to watch out for.

3- Toothaches That Never Go Away

Untreated tooth decay eventually reaches the nerve of the tooth. Que a lot of pain and a visit to the dentist. If caught early enough, a quick filling is all you need. Like a lot of teeth issues, if left untreated, you can expect to lose that tooth.

4- Widening Gaps

One of the most common problems gum disease can create is gaps between your teeth. This is usually a result of bone loss and it isn’t easy to notice. Likewise, your teeth may also start to loosen which is a big sign that you might need to remove them.

5- Implants Are Too Expensive

As important as teeth are, not everybody can afford to go all out on tooth implants. This isn’t good as some problems – like bone tissue loss – can only be fixed through implants. However, the price of implants can be greatly reduced when combined with dentures.

6- Worn Down Teeth

Teeth eventually wear down. Missing teeth may speed up this process, but eventually, all teeth need to be repaired or replaced. Some teeth, however, can’t be saved even with a filling or crown. Once your teeth get past the point of simple dental repairs, it’s time to look into dentures.

7- Unhealthy Diet

An unhealthy diet is a sure sign that you might need dentures in the future. Sugary foods will quickly ruin your teeth and increase the chances of tooth problems showing up. Likewise, unhealthy habits such as drinking or smoking aren’t great for your teeth either.

8- Wanting a Better Smile

Not everybody needs dentures. And that includes people actually wearing dentures. Bad teeth stop people from wanting to smile. That’s why a lot of people will choose to get dentures for cosmetic reasons.

Tooth loss is the biggest reason to need dentures. And the only way to avoid losing your teeth is with good dental hygiene. That means brushing and flossing twice a day and having regular dental check-ups. Regular dental check-up goes a long way.

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