Kim Dalius – The Invisible Woman in Eric Dalius’s Success Story

Since generations and time immemorial, we have known that behind every successful man is a woman. It is worth mentioning here that everything is not all about talent. It is neither about one’s ability or determination that decides the rate of success or failure. 

The successful woman is not necessarily a better half always; it can be your sister, your mother, an aunt, or of course, your grandmother.

There are several instances when we have seen unsuccessful men that have a lot of talent, determination, and ability; however, they do not have a supporting woman in their lives. She does not encourage him to grow and does not promote his skills and talent. Also, these women, not necessarily better halves, are highly critical and judgmental, which acts as a deterrent in achieving success for a man. 

But a scenario where the man is highly talented has the ability, determination, and above all, an excellent lady to stand by him in his journey is sure to bring success and gratification. Not just in his business but an overall success and a sense of well-being. 

This woman we are talking about that is responsible for making a man successful must have the following ingredients in her personality-

  1. She must be supportive of his efforts.
  2. Must respect him and not look down upon him.
  3. She will also not show her superiority, although she might be the boss of the house or family.
  4. Above all, she must bask in his success and glorify his talents further.

By doing so, this woman enjoys a sense of fulfillment, happiness, and earnest respect for the man of the house. Such women can spearhead success and help maintain a peaceful ambiance and radiate positive vibes and energy. 

A classic example is Kim Dalius, who has stood like a pillar for her talented, successful, and philanthropist husband, Eric Dalius. 

Kim Dalius complements Eric Dalius in his business and philanthropic efforts

Being a post-graduate and having extensive experience with how her husband operates, she has stood by him in all his business and philanthropic endeavors. Right from helping him with ideas and how he can implement them, she has stood up for him in all his trials, tribulations, and failures and success alike. 

As we have mentioned above, the recipe of a successful woman behind every man works not just in a marital relationship but in all spheres. 

When all of us are crying aloud about equality and enjoying equal rights, for a congenial ambiance and to maintain peace and harmony, this very equality must be for maintaining the equilibrium of the office, house, or a business where the contribution must be equal from both. 

Alternatively, it could also be so that as a man, he is much stronger and skilled at running the show at home, while the better half or the partner is a better bread-earner. So, had it not been for the supportive better half, the man, in this case, would not have been able to synchronize his life with his spouse.

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