Comparing Multiple Quotes for Shipping before the Final Selection

In this highly competitive form of retail environment, presenting customers with the best rates for shipping is important. There is no need to guide the customers through the whole purchase journey just to wait for them to abandon your services at the very end because of the high-end shipping rates. The current influence of the shipping costs on the purchase habits will prove to be sizable.

In some recent studies conducted a few years back, around 64.3% of respondents have stated that price is the main factor associated with shipping. Calculating the main costs that will work for you and the customers is always important. For that, understanding the shipping impact on the product’s pricing and the factors used for calculating shipping costs is important.

Learning about the shipping costs:

Shipping costs are noted as the direct costs related to moving items from shelf in shop or the warehouse to that of the customer’s doorsteps. These costs will include:

  • The costing of export or import fees while shipping the boxes internationally
  • The courier cost for collecting and delivering an item in safe hands
  • Costing associated with the worker’s payment to pick, pack and then dispatch the item
  • The costing related to the packaging, tapes, boxes and stickers used for the shipment

There will be some of the additional costs over here as well like the handling fees and the insurances. As one major retailer, you have to get an item from shelf to customer within a stipulated time frame. And you have to do that at the lowest possible price and ensure that it gets delivered in proper condition.

Calculating the shipping cost is really important:

If you are playing the role of a retailer, you need to look at customer’s needs and your budget while calculating the quotes for shipping. Charging too little will fall under your margin and won’t be good for the long run. On the other hand, charging way too much will make you lose businesses to your said competitors.

  • You will come across so many competitors offering free shipping deals or shipping. While it might be tempting to do the same, it is important to calculate the shipping costs thoroughly at first.
  • If you are able to calculate the rates well, you will end up with the best deals that your customers will like. This step, in turn, will help in growing your business to the next level.
  • When you are well-aware of your shipping cost, you can procure instant shipping quotes at checkout, which the customers will expect online these days.
  • This kind of service will require work in the back-end, like setting up the shipping rate for every product, inputting shipping zones and so much more.

So, if you are currently looking for the best ways to improve your import or export business, learning about the shipping costs will work out pretty well and always in your favor. Just make sure to be 100% sure of the quotes before approaching your clients.

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