6 Gardening Tips for Growing Mushrooms in the Summertime

Mushrooms are a great crop to grow in the summertime as they can grow in moderate temperatures and are resistant to the sun. This article will present some great tips that will help with growing mushrooms.

1. Water the Mushrooms

Mushrooms are very vulnerable to drought as they prefer a damp environment, and if it dries out, the mushrooms will die. This plant is more demanding regarding water than other plants making it vital to keep the soil moist. However, it’s crucial not to over-water as well.

2. Plant the Mushroom in Large Containers Filled with Composted Material Instead of Soil

It is because soil can quickly dry out, thus killing your mushrooms. Also, by having a container, you can quickly move the mushroom away from direct sunlight, which could potentially scorch its surface, thus causing them to rot faster.

3. Apply Mulch to the Edges of the Container and Around the Mushroom

Mulching helps with retaining soil moisture, keeping weeds at bay, and conserving water as it does not evaporate into thin air. The mulch also protects your mushroom from direct sunlight and thus prevents it from being scorched by it. This process is a bit complicated, but it’s worth doing, especially if you have more than one mushroom to prevent them from drying out faster than they should be.

4. Fertilize

To get the most out of your mushrooms, it’s prudent to fertilize them as you pluck them. It will also help with long-term growth if you plan on having a lot of these mushrooms. Out Grow company offers a fertilizer called the Mushroom Grow Kit. The kit is a concentrated powder containing nutrients that help create new mushrooms while also stimulating growth, and they also have fertilizer for other crops.

5. Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

You do not need to place your mushrooms in direct sunlight at this time of year. Mushrooms are in the shade when they are growing, and when they mature, they’ll be able to withstand and even thrive under the sunlight. It is why it’s essential to ensure that you place your mushroom in its container.

6. Use the Right Tools

The right tools are needed to produce mushrooms successfully. Many mushroom farmers use an aluminum foil tent to increase the humidity within the growing area. A shop vac is used to remove excess moist soil from the holes created by placing the mushrooms inside. It leaves less moisture on its surface, thus reducing its growth rate. You also have to have a few different kinds of trays, which is essential to know how much water they need to survive.

Mushrooms are a great crop to grow in the summertime as they can grow in moderate temperatures and are resistant to the sun. The plant is straightforward to cultivate and produces a lot of crops in a short period. But the most important thing you must do when growing them is to know their feeding, watering, and sunlight requirements.

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