Essential Small Business Insurance Guide for Entrepreneurs: A View by David JC Cutler

As you climb the ladder of success for your small business company, it is also quite essential to know the type of commercial insurance that small businesses may need. Keeping yourself equipped with the right and relevant insurance policies would eventually help your company, you, as well as your employees with the quickest recovery from an unfortunate accident, loss reduction, and various other strategic risk management. In this article, we are going to provide some essential information that you will need when you try to get small business insurance or any other specific location.   

An Overview by David JC Cutler of the Major types of small business insurance

  • General insurance to shield a small business for a scenario when it is sued by a third party
  • Professional liability type of insurance to let a small business defend itself from claims with regards to inaccurate advice
  • Health insurance to offer health coverage and various medical benefits for the employees of the small business
  • Workers’ compensation insurance to protect workers in your company by compensating for their medical care for an injury that occurred during work
  • Commercial automobile insurance takes into account the vehicles that employees/workers in your organization use for work-related purposes.
  • Umbrella (commercial) insurance is well suited for incidents that go beyond the regular coverage for a business with the help of some other essential insurance policies.
  • A business owner’s policy (BOP) is another variant of a small business insurance package that merges coverage for liability insurance risks and common (most) properties and some other coverage areas.
  • Property insurance covers properties and items used by small businesses in case a physical disaster takes place. 

What type of insurance you’ll need for your small business?

Being an entrepreneur while running a small business, you must be considering the type of insurance that will suit you and also something that won’t take a large portion of the money set aside for your business. In most cases, it is seen that owners of small businesses opt for property and general liability insurance. 

David JC Cutler says that you must prepare for everything, and insurance can help you deal with situations that you may encounter in the near future. They also consider the worker’s compensation insurance if there is a significant number of employees working for the business. Choosing any other type of insurance depends on the nature of the business and may not be required for every industry. To conclude, insurance policies adopted by small businesses should serve as valuable resources for the employers by offering them a safety net that protects the business in case a situation such as a pandemic comes to play.

As an entrepreneur, you may never know what problem or situation you encounter in the future. It is important to be prepared. That is why you must consider hiring a coach or business expert who can guide you through the most effective path for running a successful business. 

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