Mobile Dog Grooming Vs. Parlour: Which is Best for a Grooming Business?

If you love dogs and want to make your career all about them, then you might have already considered becoming a dog groomer or have even started your journey on this career path. It can be very rewarding to help dog owners care for their canine companions and make them look incredible. You could also choose to become self-employed, as many dog groomers do, and this can provide you with greater flexibility when it comes to your work and allow you to do things your way. 

If you have been thinking about starting a dog grooming business yourself rather than finding employment with someone else, you might be wondering which approach is best: opting for a parlour or a mobile business. Below are some key considerations to keep in mind to help you make your decision.

The Cost

When you are starting a business, one of the main things you need to be mindful of is your overhead expenses. Start-ups often have smaller budgets to work with, and you want to make sure that you see good profits to help get your business off the ground. 

A mobile grooming business might be a cheaper approach than leasing or purchasing a parlour space, so this is worth thinking about. If you treat dogs in a van, however, you will need to ensure it is kitted out properly to do this. 

Alternatively, you can offer to groom dogs in their homes which may be more comfortable for them, and this way, you’ll just need a vehicle big enough to transport all the necessary equipment your need to do the job.

The Logistics of Space

As mentioned above, you will need all the necessary equipment to groom dogs professionally, including things like a grooming table, support frames, straps, shampoos, and so forth. You can find specialist grooming shampoos on sites like, along with all the other gear you would need to work as a professional dog groomer – whether as a mobile groomer or one that works in a brick-and-mortar establishment. 

Naturally, larger pieces of equipment might be harder to fit into a van, and even if you do plan to groom dogs in their homes, you will need to think about how much space the owner has at their property to do this effectively. A parlour space can give you more room to work with, so although it does come at a higher cost, you might find it easier to manage in a space like this logistically.

The Size of Your Operations

Another factor to take into consideration when you are deciding which way to go with your dog grooming business is the size of your operations. If you are currently only working with a small number of clients, then a mobile service might be better as it will be cheaper to run. 

Furthermore, if you are willing to travel to people’s homes, this could make your business more attractive to potential customers. You could always move into a parlour space as your business grows and you need more space to keep up with client demand.

Both working from a parlour and offering a mobile service are good ways to run your dog grooming business, and ultimately it will depend on what works best for you. However, you might find that starting as a mobile business with the potential to open a parlour later is a safer approach financially.

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