Networking & Technology Trends to Continue in 2022

It’s an exceptional time we’re living in right now. Technology has changed the way we lead our lives in just a span of a few decades. Way back in the 1980s, a touch phone was the thing of the far fetched future. Who would’ve thought that we’d be networking at the speed of the light in less than three decades!

Many corporations have now turned to cloud storage and use SaaS (software as a service) applications to enhance speed and resilience. With ‘as a service’ models increasingly catching up, it is no brainer that we will soon experience NaaS (network as a service) or IaaS (infrastructure as a service) dominating the world. 

The aaS

As mentioned earlier, as-a-service assistance is on the rise. Cloud computing to accessing data anywhere, these are just a few broader terms for what aaS offers. There is so much democratization of data on the internet that you can absolutely search and access any service online.

You find AI solutions for every problem in the market. HR to project management, designing and planning, a search engine for any kind of information. Take, for example, is a search engine website that can access any official’s email address from around the world! This AI-powered data warehouse can find emails and validate them within minutes, which usually takes days for any executive!

The sustainability

During the pandemic, the non-renewable energy usage decreased as the industries had shut down. It led to an overall reduction of emissions by 8%! This has proved two points. The first being, a hope that the world could recover from the destruction we’re heading towards if we manage the energy well.

And the second one is the increased interest of people and corporations investing in renewable energy sources. The International Energy Agency had estimated that renewable energy was produced 40% more than usual in 2021 and expected to rise in 2022.

The Virtuality

The last 2 years confirmed that the employees do not have to be physically present at their offices to run the business. And that, while staying at home, they can do different things in the comfort of their home. Like, educating, socializing, working, etc. 

It betokens towards a life living in the metaverse as Mark Zukerberg recently proposed. This metaverse talks about functioning in digital realms while parallelly living in the physical world. Now, it isn’t impossible to relate our present to a science fiction movie but, this is the eminent truth. 


Though we find the technology very convenient and comfortable, we tend to distrust it enough fearing it to be a malicious scheme to dictate lives. The government’s intervention can help overcome such inaccurate thoughts by imposing transparency and strict governance.

Like the coin has two faces, AI has a good side and a bad side. We cannot negate the wicked just by observing all the great things it offers. And as innovators, having too many restrictions will also curb their creativity for future endeavours. Thus, there must be a right and cautious balance between the both.

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