How to Maintain Healthy, Thick Hair in 5 Simple Steps

If your hair starts to dry out, recede or just not look as vibrant as it used to, it can be easy to believe that there’s nothing you can do to stop it. 

Indeed, too much hair maintenance can accelerate the process, especially if your hair is already thinning.

This is not to say that all hope is lost. While you can’t completely change the health of your hair, you can maintain it by following a simple routine that keeps your hair looking vibrant. 

Here are the five simple steps you need to know to maintain a healthy, thick head of hair:

Use a high-quality shampoo

The first step to maintaining healthy, thick hair is to use the right products. You should aim to wash your hair around two to four times a week, depending on the quality of your hair and how clean it is. 

You might be surprised to discover that you should avoid washing your hair every day. This is because your hair naturally produces oil. Although it is this oil that makes your hair look greasy if it hasn’t been washed in a week, it is actually very good for your hair follicles. Washing it away every day will only dry your hair out and leave it damaged over time.

Therefore, aim to wash and condition your hair around two to four times per week, depending on how oil-rich your hair is. Make sure that you use high-quality hair products, such as Kerastase shampoo, in order to best nurture your hair.

It is also worth bearing in mind that hot water is not especially good for your hair. It gets rid of a lot of your natural oils, so when you are washing your hair, try doing it under cold water instead. As a bonus, cold water is fantastic for your skin, immune system and circulation, so it will help you maintain a healthy daily routine overall. 

Remember that the trick here is to maintain a healthy balance. There is nothing wrong with washing your hair, you just need to make sure you don’t do it too regularly. 

Upgrade your diet

Another basic addition to your weekly hair care routine should be to change up your diet

Unsurprisingly, if you eat greasy, unhealthy food, your hair will reflect it. You should aim to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, with a particular emphasis on protein-rich foods, and lots of omega 3. 

Foods like eggs, fish, as well as avocado, spinach and assorted nuts are great for maintaining healthy hair, and will help keep the rest of your body healthy too. 

Don’t over-style your hair

If you are someone who puts product in their hair on a daily basis, you may want to cut back for the sake of your hair’s health. 

While hair products are not innately harmful, you can irritate your scalp if you are constantly pulling your hair back or sticking too much gel into it on a daily basis. Allow your hair time to breathe by going without product for a day or two every week. 

Have regular haircuts

Another tip for maintaining healthy hair is to book yourself in for regular haircuts. The timescale of these cuts will depend on your hair length, style and gender, but it should usually be every month or two. 

Keeping your hair maintained gets rid of split ends and allows your hair to maintain a healthy, vibrant appearance. Just as you would cut dying stems off of a flower, keeping your hair trimmed can help it flourish.

Avoid aggressive drying techniques

When you step out of the shower, you should avoid drying your hair aggressively, such as when you frizz your hair with a towel, blow dry it and comb it harshly.

Instead, gently soak the excess water up with your towel, and when you do blow-dry your hair, then keep the dryer at arm’s length to avoid burning your hair.

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