5 Important Reasons to Take Your Cat to the Vet Annually

That fuzzy ball of fluff and love can become a hissing, biting, charging animal if you try to stuff him/her into the cat carrier. A trip to the vet can become a painful ordeal for you. So why bother taking your cat for an annual exam if she appears to be fine? Here are 5 reasons you should make sure your cat is seen by a vet at least once a year:

1. Teeth

Most of the time your cat will purr and bump against you. Sometimes they will give you little love nibbles. However, it is very rare for owners to actually see a cat’s teeth. The only way you can truly know about the dental health of your feline friend is with a dental exam from a veterinarian. An experienced veterinarian can exam the gums and teeth of your cat. If teeth are broken or loose, they can be fixed. If teeth are missing, your vet may recommend you feed the cat soft, wet food. If there is an infection or ulceration in your cat’s mouth, a vet can find it and recommend medications. These are all things an untrained eye would miss.

2. Weight Monitoring

Most pet owners are guilty of sneaking snacks and extra treats to their cats. Sure, it’s done out of love, but it can be detrimental to your cats health. Overweight cats can develop diabetes and heart disease just like humans. Left untreated, these diseases can be deadly. When a cat is overweight, the joints have to bear the extra weight. Over time, joints can deteriorate and cause painful joint problems. A vet can examine the cat and offer nutritional advice to help your cat maintain a healthy weight.

3. Early Onset

Catching a disease in it’s earliest stages is one of the best ways to beat it. Cancer, if caught early, may be simple to treat. However, if you let something go, it can become a life-threatening problem. A veterinarian can check for lumps and bumps that may go unnoticed by pet owners. This early detection could save your cat’s life.

4. Hidden Diseases

Trained veterinarians know what to look for in every stage of your cat’s life. Excessive vomiting, urination in odd places, and foul breath can all indicate the presence of a disease that ordinary cat owners may not recognize. However, a qualified vet will take note of all of these and other symptoms. A yearly exam can help your vet to determine if changes are going on in your aging cat.

5. Parasites

Fleas, ticks, and other parasites can infect your cat without your knowledge. You may notice the tick and take it off. However, that tick may have already infected your cat with something. Heartworms and roundworms can be deadly if not treated. A qualified vet can determine if your animal has any parasites. He can also prescribe medications to treat the parasites. Without an annual visit, it would be very hard for a cat owner to notice that her cat had heartworms until it was too late.

Taking your cat for an annual check-up may be a huge pain in the rear, but your cat deserves the best care possible from you. That includes the annual vet visit.

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