5 Home Remodeling Projects to Tackle Before Listing to Sell

As you plan to sell your house, you will want to make a slew of improvements to increase the asking price. However, not all home renovation efforts are worthwhile in terms of money and time. For instance, while you may believe that adding an upscale master suite would spark a bidding war, it is critical to exclude personal preferences from the home renovation equation.

To enable you to devote your resources and time to the right upgrades, here are five improvement projects that increase home value.

Get The Grounds Clean and Elegant

Great landscaping will make an excellent first impression. According to a survey, more than 70% of homebuyers consider visual appeal while looking for a home. So, unless your property is a fixer-upper, serious buyers deserve an inviting home.

When they start touring your house, your landscaping should spark their excitement. Here are some fast and low-cost curb appeal projects to get you started.

•    Add color with seasonal flowerings, perennials, shrubs, or annuals

•    Plant some deciduous trees like red oak, dogwood, and tulip tree

•    To build a tidy and appealing look, edge and mulch the grass

•    Mow The Lawn Regularly

More importantly, when you create a landscape project that complements the architectural design of your house, the results are usually very spectacular.

Clean or Paint the Walls

Rooms that have just been painted are a natural lure. A well-kept and updated exterior can also be appealing. And guess what else? Scrubbing your walls or a quick paint job with the right equipment and cleaning agents will produce precise results in your house.

Kitchens and Bathrooms are the top contenders for a complete paint job due to the amount of exposure and visits they get. Don’t forget to choose the appropriate color for each. You can paint it yourself or contract a professional for a few hundred bucks.

Nevertheless, if the new paint is unaffordable or the walls are already in good shape with only dings, stains, fingerprints, and the like, cleaning them will go a long way toward making them a more appealing appearance.

Improve the Lighting

If you have those dull recessed lighting in your dining and living rooms, now is the time to remove and replace them with better upgrades. Chandeliers are an excellent choice to consider.

If you have old light bulbs in other rooms, try replacing them with new ones with the correct voltage for the fixtures in your room. You should also think about installing energy-saving lamps and fixtures. This is one of the easiest ways to make a house more energy-efficient, which is something that many homebuyers are looking for today!

You should also install more fixtures and lights, like under cabinet lights, bedside lamps, desk lamps, tread lighting, and accent lighting.

A Kitchen Makeover

The kitchen is the heart of a house, so many prospective buyers prioritize it over other spaces. If you upgrade and clean every other space, then update your kitchen with low-cost aesthetic improvements, more prospective customers will be inspired to purchase your home, and the sale price would be higher.

Consider the following kitchen improvement tips:

•    Paint entryways, moldings, trim, kitchen cabinets, and baseboards

•    Depersonalize

•    Clean the countertops

•    Replace old kitchen equipment

Replace Old Carpets and Renew Floor Finishes

When it comes to first impressions, your flooring is one of the most important factors to consider. The floor is likely to be the first thing a customer notices as they enter the house. Many floor styles naturally wear out over time, and if yours is aged, a prospective buyer will be turned off. Hire a flooring expert to renew your floor.

A stained or old carpet is a major turn-off, particularly for prospective homebuyers who intend to live with their pets. Hire an expert to vacuum it, but consider purchasing a new carpet if it doesn’t work.

Preparing the home for sale necessitates extensive preparation. Set a reasonable budget for home renovations and collaborate with your real estate agent to decide which renovations can increase the value of your home. Contract a home improvement contractor to turn your property’s outdated spaces and rooms into dream spaces.

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