3 Types of Mattresses That You Can Consider Upgrading To

A mattress is an essential component of your daily sleep process. If you do not have the right mattress, then you will not be able to sleep properly. Consequently, you will not only compromise on the quality of your sleep but also ruin your health. Proper sleep is crucial for your health, and hence, it is vital that you should find the right mattress, 

You may consider changing your mattress if it is over 7 years old or if you consistently wake up with back and shoulder pain. Also, if you notice that your mattress has become saggy and lumpy, then you ought to change it. In this small article, you will learn about 3 different types of mattresses that you may consider changing to in case you want to purchase a new mattress. 

What are the considerations to make before choosing a new mattress?

You have to check up on how much space you have in your bedroom for a new mattress and how large your bed is. Also, you have to assess what your budget is and choose a mattress accordingly. 

Three popular mattress types

  1. Coil Mattress

Coil mattresses will depend primarily on steel coils tempered to provide extra strength and more durability. You can place the coils in different angles and configurations to support specific parts of the bed. Coil mattresses are firm and excellent for people who can sleep on their backs. These are also relatively inexpensive. You can flip the mattresses regularly to stop them from sagging and get the most from your mattress. These mattresses would be perfect for people who suffer from chronic back and neck pains. 

  1. Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are comparatively more expensive than coil mattresses. A good-quality memory foam mattress can be a firm bed where you can distribute your entire body weight evenly regardless of how you sleep. Some mattresses become softer by reacting to heat. Consequently, you may experience a feeling of weightlessness on these mattresses. These mattresses are perfect for people who like to sleep sideways and cannot sleep on harder mattresses. 

  1. Waterbed Mattress

The waterbed mattress was developed around 1968, although conceived much earlier. Waterbed mattresses became popular as they had the ability to be heated, which was essential in colder regions. Additionally, these mattresses were popular as they relieved pressure from your spine because the water inside the bed would conform to the shape of the person who was sleeping in it. These mattresses can alleviate spinal stress and help to treat people with back problems. Water mattresses are a bit larger than traditional mattresses, but they are pretty durable and long-lasting. 

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Choosing the right mattress is essential for you to have a good night’s sleep. You need to have a proper sleep so that your body and mind can function correctly. 

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