Why Memejacking Is an Effective Marketing Tool and Some Quick Tips for Effective Memejacking

You may think they are silly and of no use but memes nowadays have become an integral part of our social media life. They are spreading very rapidly all over the Internet. Check it yourself, open any social media platform and scroll down you will surely find at least one meme account. Seeing its uniqueness and virality, marketers have chosen memes for advertising and promoting their products.

A good and funny meme always draws the attention of people. Being a marketer if you want a unique way to promote your brand then no doubt memejacking can be an effective tool. Wait you do not know what memejacking is? Do not worry, we will discuss that first. 

Memejacking as the name suggests means hijacking memes. Yeah, a bit funny and awkward definition but the concept is that only. You take popular memes and edit them by adding your captions and ideas. And this whole process can be a perfect way for displaying your brand personality funnily and more engagingly.

So, what are you still waiting for? Continue reading this article to know why memejacking is an effective method for promoting your brand and some effective tips for memejacking. 

Reasons for why Memejacking is an Effective Marketing Tool

Already Viral

Memes are indeed funny, engaging, and popular. But what makes them the most popular choice is their virality. You do not have to create a meme from scratch, they are already a successful idea and you are just making some changes to that idea.

Great Social Media Fodder

Visual content is the heart of any social media platform. And we all know memes are nothing but ultimately visual content. This makes memes a great fodder for your social media accounts. 

They Draw Likes, Traffic, and Links

Memes help our social media content to gain traction by drawing a huge number of likes, comments, and shares. Being worthy of sharing, memes, make up an excellent tool for bringing in traffic to your social media profiles.

Easy and Fast to Create

Every marketing campaign depends heavily on content. Content creation is the routine task of a marketer. So, in such a condition, getting something that is easy and fast to create helps a lot, and memes do that exactly.

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Some Useful Tips for Memejacking

Memejacking is not that difficult a task, all you need is a basic knowledge of photo editing. There are plenty of meme templates available online that you can download and edit as per your choice and convenience. Having said that let us discuss the tips for effective memejacking.

Be Quick

Memejacking indeed means editing already viral memes with your captions and ideas, but a thing does not remain viral for a lifetime. Its virality will expire at some point in time, right? A meme will become outdated when too many other people will hijack it. You have to be fast. As soon as a meme will come to trend you have to hijack it. To keep yourself updated you can keep an eye on social bookmarking sites like Reddit, where you will get to know about new memes before they go viral on any social media platforms.

Understand it

Before hijacking any meme, check whether you are getting the idea that the meme is trying to convey. Though funny, memes sometimes carry deep meaning, so if you do not understand what a meme is conveying and you simply edit it with your lines that do not fit in the context and share it; you might run the risk of annoying your customers. Before memejacking, understand the meme and see whether it is relevant for your audience or not.

Question Yourself

This is somewhat the same as the previous tip. Before memejacking, always ask this question to yourself, “Will my audience accept it?” There is no point in hijacking a meme that your audience will not get as it will result in nothing. No matter how popular and funny it is, for marketing, you have to select those memes that are relevant to your products and the ones that your audience will appreciate.

Try to Be Funny

If it is not funny it is not a meme, it is the fact you can’t deny. Do not use a serious tone in our memes. For marketing, your meme must be relevant to your brand and also your audience should understand it. But above all, it should be funny. The main purpose of memejacking is to engage your customers funnily, remember? 

Align With the Original Meme

This is the last and the most important tip. While memejacking always makes sure that your edited version follows the format, and the style of the original meme, and also it must contain all the components of the original meme. If you do not do that, sorry to say, your memejacking will miserably fail.


So that’s all. You are now well aware of why memejacking is an effective marketing tool. Also do not forget to use these tips for efficient memejacking. Happy memejacking to all!

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