8 Tips for Finding a Moving Company That Meets Your Needs

Relocating to a new home is always exciting, but the task behind it can be one of the most stressful events in your life. Moving is always challenging, especially if you have to do it yourself or deal with unprofessional movers. However, hiring a reputable moving company can make your move hassle-free. Below are some tips to guide you when selecting a moving company.

1. Ensure They are Licensed and Insured

Before settling on a particular moving company, verifying whether they are licensed and insured is important. An insured mover can compensate you if your possessions are lost or damaged during transit. BBB-accredited movers are the best to deal with as you are assured they are governed by relevant standards.

2. Get a Written Moving Estimate

A moving estimate is a price quote of how much you will incur in moving. The moving company makes an accurate estimate by taking inventory of all your belongings and gives you a cost breakdown. Reputable companies offer binding estimates that are not subject to change in the course of your move.

3. Look at Their Experience

Working with movers who have years of experience is far much better than dealing with inexperienced movers. Hiring experienced movers such as Imove assures you that your belongings are in safe hands. Experienced movers exemplify expertise in packing and loading your possessions. Besides that, they are always prepared to tackle any problems during transit.

4. Watch Out for Red Flags

Before entrusting your belongings with a moving company, do your due diligence to avoid disappointments. Look for any red flags that could make you question the company’s credibility. Common red flags include lack of a physical address, bad reviews, lack of proper licensing and insurance, non-binding estimates, and lack of written estimates.

5. Check References And Reviews

Before signing up for the services of a moving company, ensure you check their reviews on Google. From the remarks made by previous clients, one can establish a consistent pattern that can help ascertain the reliability and efficiency of their services. Besides that, you can check the company’s rating from the Better Business Bureau.

6. Study the Contract and Check for Additional Fees

Ask the moving company to provide you with a fine print of their contract and read through it. Ensure you understand the terms and conditions well before signing the contract and seek clarification for statements you need help understanding. Check for any additional fees to avoid unwanted surprises at the end of the move.

7. Ask for Recommendations

The best way to get honest and trustable recommendations on reputable movers is by asking your friends and family. It is unlikely that you will miss several people who have interacted with moving companies, and from their past experiences, it becomes easier to identify a suitable moving company.

8. Don’t Pay a Large Deposit

Avoid paying a large deposit before your move, as it leaves you without any control over your belongings. Most professional companies will ask for a reasonable deposit which in many cases is 25% of the total cost.

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