How Logistic Companies Can Find Drivers to Transport Loads

Since the emergence of e-commerce in the previous century, the global supply chain has undergone a process of expansion that was thoroughly challenged during the lockdown periods of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly at the “last mile” stage that often involves trucking. Logistics operators are busier than ever, and their business success often hinges upon maximizing their last-mile efficiency through a high availability of drivers to transport loads. With this in mind, here are a few strategies to ensure that drivers can always be found:


This strategy is listed first because it is the oldest and most practical in the logistics industry. Networking means taking advantage of all available tools and opportunities to meet other industry professionals whom you would do business with. You want to attend logistics conferences, trade shows, and other events where truck drivers or owners/operators will also be in attendance because they also wish to connect with you, perhaps not right now, but very possibly in the future. Many face-to-face networking events in the logistics industry have been replaced by social media platforms such as LinkedIn, where they constantly unfold instead of happening at single events.

Making contacts at networking events or on social networks gives you a chance to gradually develop business relationships with valuable contacts such as truck drivers who prefer to look for loads on their own instead of being employed by a broker. This also gives you time to evaluate the driver as a prospect before assigning a load.

Browsing Load Boards

This method has been online since 1998, and it is essentially the digital version of the bulletin boards at truck stops and plazas that are used to display load postings. In those days, some industrious logistics operators used to do more than just pin requests for drivers on the truck stop boards; they used to make CB announcements as to when they would be at the truck plaza and meet with prospects.

These days, load boards offer logistics operators many advantages. There is a wider reach that transcends geographical limitations; interested parties can post information about loads that need to be handled, and drivers can search for opportunities across various regions. Market rates prevail in load boards, but they are always open to negotiation. The best load boards offer a search engine for trucks and loads; plus, they also have separate sections where drivers, owners, and brokers can engage in shop talk.

Support a Trucking Industry Association

If you believe in the crucial role that truck drivers play in the global economy, becoming a member of an organization that supports their profession is one way to ensure that you always have individuals letting you know when they are available. This method is an advanced version of networking; your company may need to pay a membership fee to join groups such as the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association and the American Trucking Associations, and you would also have to observe a code of professional ethics, but being listed on the member roster is certainly worth it. Truckers who are active in these groups, or who appreciate their work, often give preference to the logistics companies that are members.

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