When we decide to adopt a new member to the family, we must be sure that we can offer them everything they need and know how to care for their pet.

That is why, in today’s article we want to give you some advice on how to care for a pet. But above all, be clear that they are not toys or objects, but that they feel and suffer like us, that is why they must always be treated with respect and affection. 

After this reflection, you should ask yourself the following question: Am I going to be able to take care of her throughout her life?

If your answer is yes, we are going to teach you how to take care of pets at home and we will focus on dogs and cats because of the demand that these little ones have follow for more tonieakes


What are the most common pets? In general, dogs and cats are the pets par excellence, but are followed by rodents and birds. Although the latter, when differentiated by their size, may lead one to think that they need less care or work, this is not the case. For this reason, we must inform ourselves very well about each species to find out if we meet the requirements for these domestic pets and their care.

When asked how we should care for animals, it is always the same answer; with love, respect and affection, whatever their species. With this in mind, we are going for the types of pets that usually adapt more to a home:


Dogs are the most common as pets. This is because of their protective instinct and the company they offer people. They call it “man’s best friend” and this is how the hundreds or thousands of movies that have been made about these magnificent animals represent it. The love they give is so much that they quickly become part of a family. 

Even so, not everything is affection and love but it has some basic needs that we must carry out and it is very important that we know all the care that a dog needs before bringing it to our homes and for this we will have to take into account the breed, the size and your needs.


Cats are the second in the ranking of pets. There are people who are fascinated by these cats and others who are reluctant to live together. They can give the image of wild animals because we observe them both at home and in the streets and it is because of the great quality they have for survival. Even so, they adapt and like to be part of a colony and, depending on the breed and character, they will be more or less independent. 

In general, these are very clean and docile animals, as long as you treat them well and provide the greatest protection and care for these animals.

Just like us, cats enjoy a tasty treat now and then. However, it’s essential to choose treats that are specifically formulated for cats and to offer them in moderation. Treats can be a useful tool for training, rewarding good behavior, or simply showing your furry friend some extra love.

When selecting treats for your cat, opt for those made with high-quality ingredients and avoid anything that could be harmful to their health. Look for options that are rich in protein and low in additives and fillers. Additionally, consider your cat’s dietary needs and any potential allergies they may have.

Introducing treats into your cat’s routine can also be a fun way to bond with them and provide enrichment. You can use treats to teach new tricks, encourage exercise, or simply as a way to interact and play together.

Remember to always monitor your cat’s treat intake and adjust their diet accordingly to prevent overfeeding or weight gain. By incorporating treats into your cat’s care routine responsibly, you can enhance their overall well-being and strengthen your bond with your beloved pet.


These animals are generally kept as pets if there are children at home. It does not need much care, but the most important thing is to provide it with good hygienic conditions, a good temperature, an approved cage, food, water and a vet when needed. That is, the best for your pet. 

Although due to its small size, we may think that living in a cage will make it happy, it is not. Mice by nature have the condition of getting out of the boxes and building mousetraps. That is why we recommend getting him used to getting out of it from a young age, giving him confidence and interacting so that he does not develop fear and his only objective is to escape. Always taking special care with cables or wooden furniture. Let’s not forget they are rodents!

Above all, it is not a toy to be left in a corner of the house.


 The most common for pets of this species are parrots or parakeets. They are fun and suitable for both young and old. They can be tamed with patience and affection but always offering them the care that this pet needs. They can be in cages or loose at home. We always recommend having a cage to relieve themselves and sleep but at the same time that they can fly free and not feel imprisoned. You will see how happy he will be with you!

In order to tame it and give it the best for your pet, you will find many videos teaching its techniques and you will be able to see all the tricks that these animals are capable of. 


These pets are one of the calmest, they barely give work and offer tranquility and company to many people. Being the fish tank, the place where these animals will live and coexist must be large enough so that there are no problems. In other words, they must comply with the health and safety regulations for these little ones. At the same time they are very fragile, so we advise you to inform yourself well about each species and their needs. You will find a great variety of colors and species! 


If we have decided on a dog or a cat, these are the 8 basic tips for these domestic pets and their care:

  1. Protection: We will always look for a safe place to protect ourselves from the cold and heat.
  2. Food: Depending on the breed and constitution, we will give it one diet or another, but always healthy and balanced, clean water and washed feeders daily. It is always the best for your pet.
  3. Cleaning: Cats tend to clean themselves, what’s more, they don’t like water but even so, like dogs, they should be kept free of fleas, ticks and insects that are harmful to their health. We recommend washing them every 30 days with special products for each animal. 
  4. Sterilization: To ensure the protection and care of animals , we must be responsible and avoid unwanted births. Unless we know responsible people who are going to take care of these animals, we will opt for sterilization to avoid abandonment, mistreatment or sacrifice of these. 
  5. Exercise: Both species need activity on a daily basis. Both for them and for us, since they will waste energy and we will avoid problems at home. Your vet will advise you on the best leash and bags to collect their droppings. Above all we live in a society and we must think of others and pollution. House cats, on the other hand, usually relieve themselves in a sandbox, which we will always have to keep clean. 
  6. Training: Dog and cats can learn, but you must have patience and respect. Just like people, we need time to acquire new knowledge and repeat it until it finally becomes part of our lives. Do not use aggressive techniques, but rewards and kind tones when they manage to do what you want. We also recommend offering them toys so that they have fun and be entertained when they are alone. 
  7. Identification: To prevent the loss of your pet, it is preferable that they carry an identification plate so that whoever finds it can contact you. Also, you will need to take him to the vet to have him inserted a microchip. Today it is mandatory to identify the owners of pets in case of loss or abandonment. 
  8. Veterinarian: The health of your dog or cat is the main care that an animal needs. Since he enters our lives, he needs essential vaccinations and deworming care that your vet will mark on his chart. When you see something abnormal in your animal, do not hesitate to call it to avoid a bigger problem. 


For this last point that we have shared with you, sometimes the veterinary expenses are so high that we cannot cover them. That is why we recommend you have veterinary insurance for pets. At Segurea , we have both cat insurance and dog insurance.

What does this insurance include?


It is very important when taking out medical insurance for cats or dogs to see their coverage since there are many cheap pet insurances that in the end you end up paying a lot and include very little. 

Our insurance coverage is as follows:

  • Unlimited and free visits to the veterinarians of the veterinary staff.
  • Special discounts on complementary tests.
  • Incineration service.
  • Service attention 24 hours 365 days a year.
  • Collection of your pet in case of death.
  • Cremation certificate.
  • 10% discount on hairdressing services, training and residences

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