Being aware of how your body works and the limits to execute each movement is essential to obtain a satisfactory result in the practice of physical activities.

It’s not always easy to have control over your own body, but doing some exercises, with a certain frequency, can help you with this task. So, if you want to know how to develop body awareness, read this post and find out what needs to be done to achieve this goal!

What is body awareness?

Body awareness is the notion that everyone has about their own body, in order to discover their limits, as well as whether they can perform certain movements. This knowledge of the body is also knowing how to listen to the signals it transmits. In this way, it is this awareness that enables the connection and communication of man with the environment in which he lives.

Thus, it is recommended that this knowledge about the body be developed from childhood, because the younger the better this awareness work will be carried out.

How important is body awareness?

Body awareness is one of the main points to make it possible to perform physical activities, or even normal everyday movements. Furthermore, this knowledge of one’s own body is able to show when health is not going very well, as our body is able to reflect both physical and emotional problems.

In this way, by obtaining body awareness, it will be possible to avoid certain diseases, as there will be greater harmony between the mind and body.

How to develop body awareness with exercises and techniques?

As not everyone manages to develop self-awareness on their own, nowadays there are several techniques and exercises that help with this task. So, if you have difficulty with this self-knowledge, here are some practices that can help you.

holistic gymnastics

Holistic gymnastics is   a practice that simultaneously works on balance, breathing and muscle tone. In addition, it acts at a preventive, therapeutic and pedagogical level. This whole set favors a better quality of life, which includes knowledge of your own body, as the proposed movements are performed according to the possibilities of each person.

Breathing, worked on by this method, has great potential in developing body awareness. This learning stage makes you able to inhale and exhale slowly, according to your body’s individuality. This will make you adjust your breathing to each movement performed, which leads to greater self-knowledge.

relaxation exercises

Relaxation  is one of the practices that most favors self-knowledge, as it  is the moment when you will be in full connection with your body and mind, and will leave aside all the  stress  of everyday life.

To achieve relaxation you need to focus on your breath and on each part of your body. For this, you can bet on holistic gymnastics, which, with low-impact exercises, promote posture correction, concentration, emotional balance, as well as mental and physical relaxation.

Another way to reach a satisfactory level of relaxation is through activities that give you pleasure, such as art, reading, sports, among others, as long as you are in perfect harmony with your mind and body.

How important is a physiotherapy clinic to develop body awareness?

As developing body awareness is not always a simple task for everyone, it is very important to have the help of trained professionals to help you achieve your goal.

In this sense, a good physiotherapy clinic   will have a team prepared to point out exactly what you need to know your body and its limits better. Therefore, avoid doing exercises without the accompaniment of a good professional, so as not to run the risk of not achieving the desired results.

Knowing how to develop body awareness is not always an easy task, as it requires preparation time, in addition to the help of a qualified team. In this way, we hope that this post has been enlightening and that you have more and more knowledge about your body.

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