How To Merge PDF Documents on PDFBear’s Free Online Platform

Merging PDF files is the process of combining more than one PDF document into a single file. A tool that does this is called a PDF combiner. After converting the file, users can readily view all PDF files in a single document.

People can also extract pages from other PDF files. There is a difference between the PDF Merge and the PDF combine tool. The PDF merge tool would need two or more documents that the users can use to merge or mix them into one. Meanwhile, there is also another tool called the PDF compress tool that will reduce the file size of the PDF file.

How to Use PDFBear’s Combine or Merge Tool

When combining PDF files, users must go to PDFBear’s website and choose the Merge PDF file. After that, they need to go to the next tab to see a blue area displayed at the computer’s top side for them to fill. There is an easy way for the users to follow, but choosing a PDF file to combine is the first thing to do.

PDFBear will always allow the users to make different kinds of adjustments to the new file before merging the PDF documents. If users don’t want to make any changes anymore, they need to click on the merge or combine button. The PDF merger feature will combine all of the documents that they have chosen. These are the easy steps on merge PDF files.

Advantages of Merging With PDFBear

Using PDFBear’s merging tool, people can quickly complete the merging without waiting for a very long process. If users think twice about transferring the PDF document in the uploading and merging system, they must not worry because it makes sure that their consumers and users are safe. 

One of the popular features is that they have a web-based merger service that any device or computer can use. They can be allowed to stabilize the resources everywhere and use their smartphone or any devices they have. The PDF merging purpose is only available for Linux Operating System, Mac, and Windows.

PRO vs Free Version

Even though the merging or combining of PDFBear’s materials resources is accessible, users can accomplish a lot of activity. Still, if they want a lot more, they can apply for the PRO program. The users are authorized to use restricted services or tasks in using their free account. They are also allowed to access over 10 MB for the size of the Pro Card. The Pro version has a lot of benefits for the users.

There is a subscription in using the PDF PRO, and it is also accessible on an annual or monthly program. If the users want to be registered, they will wait until the PDFBear makes a new PRO user and a payment trial to revoke or withdraw their memberships’ subscription. The cash will be returned to them if they don’t want to continue their membership.


Besides using gadgets or devices, this tool supports Mac OS, Windows, and Linux Operating System. With the benefit of using this tool, anybody can use the PDF merger and combiner anywhere they want. To have a successful transaction, they must have a good internet connection first.

This tool is also an internet-based tool platform that people worldwide can use through their computer, tablet, laptop, smartphone, or any other devices to access this online tool. Merging the PDF documents or files can be accomplished in their streets, office, houses, or anywhere with a fair and stable internet connection.

Secure and Safe to Use

The last thing to do is to make sure that a PDFBear is very safe and secure to use because they need to value all of their consumers and customers. After they are finished uploading their files into their server, they will be given less than an hour to complete the file’s download. After the process, they will delete all of the data they have because they have a Privacy policy.


If the users are always handling tons of PDF files, they must choose PDFBear’s platform to merge, convert, compress, and most especially split all of the user’s PDF files. In using these tools, users can achieve what they want with just a little effort. It will be easy for them because it has all the instructions and steps to follow.

This process can give users no issues or problems because it is the best platform that most people are using today. They also have an advantage in using this tool because it is easy to access and, at the same time, free of charge. If users want a quick or fast way to merge, extract, convert, and edit their PDF files, they must count on PDFBear’s tool.

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