Superprof Feels Ireland’s Welcome

Superprof Ireland debuted a few months ago, making our Dear Green Place the latest of the thirty-plus countries that already enjoy a substantial Superprof presence.

We’ll take this occasion to introduce you to Superprof; who they are, what they do and what they have to offer, and the ways Ireland welcoming Superprof can benefit you. 

Who and What is Superprof?

That question is apt, as Superprofs are people who tutor students in any number of academic and leisure disciplines via the internet platform called Superprof. We’ll talk about that website, first.

The Superprof project was established in 2013, in Biarritz, France. Its purpose was to build a community of learners and teachers, initially in its home country and ultimately worldwide. 

The rave reviews started piling up. Hardly a year had gone by when the Superprof teaching community had grown to 100,000 tutors. A year after that, Superprof launched in several European countries, again meeting with great success.

Three years after its inception, Superprof had established itself in no fewer than 10 countries. Today, they’ve nearly tripled that number, delivering instruction in 14 languages.

The secret to Superprof’s success is its tutors.

Superprofs specialise in a variety of disciplines, from Algebra to Zumba and everything in between. If you want to learn how to cook, sew or fold origami, there’s a Superprof available to teach you how.

If you’re a struggling student – primary, secondary or university, Superprofs can help you master both core academic subjects and any elective you might have chosen, such as foreign languages or graphic design.

Superprofs often double as academic coaches. Not only do they deliver supplemental education and homework help, they can also help students organise their study schedule ahead of their Leaving Certificate exams.

Helping learners achieve is what Superprofs are best at, and what they relish the most. 

How Superprof Works

Let’s say a student struggles with science. S/he might live in County Mayo or County Leitrim, where the population is sparse and qualified tutors hard to find.

Students in such a jam could ask their teacher if they know anyone who could help, scan adverts in the paper or launch an indiscriminate internet search and spend an afternoon combing through the results. And they still might not have found a qualified tutor.

Superprof takes all of the guesswork out of your tutor search. You only need to direct yourself to Superprof Ireland, type in what subject you need help with and where you’re at, and a host of available tutors will appear.

Each tutor’s profile page includes their educational background and level of expertise, whether they can deliver lessons online or in person – or both, and how much each lesson costs.

You can rest assured that those credentials are genuine; Superprof (the company) verifies tutors’ profile information before they are approved and their page made public.

Several features distinguish Superprofs from other tutors; student testimonials being a major one.

Today’s internet is filled with pleas for likes and shares. Anything from news articles to YouTube videos invites you to like them, share them and otherwise comment on them, all to promote their algorithms and boost their search engine positions. That’s not the route Superprof has taken.

If a student is pleased with his/her tutor’s efforts, s/he is invited to leave a statement testifying to that fact on the tutor’s profile page. The more testimonials, the better that tutor’s rating and, by the time you search the Superprof site for the right tutor, you’ll have that educator’s success with previous students to consider in your decision-making process.

Other features that prove Superprof is a cut above include tutors’ average response time, whether they deliver lessons only in person at your house or via webcam, the cost of each lesson and whether you’ll be charged for the first hour of instruction.

Nearly all Superprof tutors offer their first hour of instruction at no charge so you can determine whether that tutor is, indeed, the right one for you or if you need to search a little further.

Searching for a tutor online can be a hit-or-miss proposition. You may find someone with the right credentials but who charges exorbitant fees, or profiles with no credentials or experience listed.

Superprof presents you with the widest possible selection of tutors. With nearly 15 million Superprofs worldwide, you can study any subject or activity with a tutor possessing the credentials you seek at the price you need. 

How You Can Benefit from Superprof

As Superprof embraces the widest possible range of disciplines, it’s a fair bet that anything you may want to learn, you’ll find a Superprof to teach you.

Over the past year, yoga and personal training Superprofs have been in particularly high demand. Yes, even fitness can be taught online! 

If you’re worried about what a year at home has done to your health and waistline, you might try a few sessions with a Superprof dietetics tutor to get help with meal planning and food selection.

What if you have a unique talent or particular skill you’ve been itching to share? Maybe you play guitar or another musical instrument? Perhaps you speak another language besides English and Irish… or maybe you’d like to help others learn either tongue.

It only takes a few minutes for you to set up your Superprof profile. You may set your teaching guidelines and prices any way you see fit and, after your credentials have been verified and your profile approved, you only need to wait for your students to contact you.   

If you’re not certain that becoming a Superprof is right for you, you can find more information through the Superprof blog, in the series of articles listed under Advice for Tutors. While there, you may as well enjoy articles on a host of other topics, from learning how to sing the history of boxing.

Superprof looks forward to serving Irish communities by providing supplemental lessons and a way for you to achieve your goals. 

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