8 Advantages of Using a Prepaid Mobile Phone

Nowadays almost all people have mobile phones, including the young and the old. Would you like to join the bandwagon, but you dislike binding long-term phone carrier service contracts? Then the prepaid mobile phone option is ideal for you. You can choose a prepaid mobile phone service provider and buy one of their mobile phones. You’d also have to select your preferred prepaid plan and top-up some talk-time or credit, and you’ll be good to go!

Why are prepaid mobile devices and its pay-as-you-go plan an ideal choice for you? Well, read on to get insightful tips on why such mobile phones and their advance payment for service is good for you.

1. No Binding Contract or Monthly Charges

Prepaid mobile devices allow you to pay for the text messages you send and the talk-time you get to use. Your talk-time top-up gets determined by your needs, and you can buy more credit when the need arises. As such, you don’t need to get into any contractual agreement to get a mobile phone connection. It’s a convenient plan for you if you don’t use your phone often because there will be no yearly or monthly charges.

2. No Need for Credit History Checks

Like loanees, people seeking contract-based phone connections often undergo some credit checks to ascertain whether they can pay for the plans provided under the service contract. If your credit score isn’t impressive enough to get you such service, you can get a prepaid mobile phone connection because the companies providing such services need no credit history checks.

3. No Upfront Payments Required When Opening an Account

Unlike the providers of contract-based phone connections, prepaid cell phone service providers do not require you to deposit some fixed amount of money when opening an account with them.

4. Prepaid Mobile Phones Give You Good Cost Control During Usage

Would you like to buy your teenager a mobile phone, but you fear the possibility of your son or daughter overspending on talk time? Fret not! Prepaid mobile phones and their payment plans are suitable for such purposes. The prepaid phone gives you control over how much they can spend or only spend as much as you top up.

5. Prepaid Mobile Phones are Less Costly

If you’re skimping on some expenses to get your budget right, then you should try the prepaid mobile phone option. There are no account opening deposits, no fixed monthly or annual charges, and no extra fees linked to the prepaid pay-as-you-go plan. You also get the chance to select a prepaid plan that best suits your budget. The prepaid plans have varying talk-time, text, and data plans.

6. You Won’t Lose Your Talk-Time

If you’re using a contract-based phone connection, then you may need to use up your talk-time minutes lest they expire. But with prepaid mobile phones, your unused minutes won’t get lost as the week, month, or year ends. Instead, the minutes get rolled over to the next period of usage, and there are no overcharge fees for exceeding the set minutes as it happens with contract-based connections.

7. Prepaid Mobile Phones and their Plans Grant You More Freedom

Are you tired of making contractual agreements with phone companies? Then choose the prepaid mobile phone option, and you’ll have many companies to choose from, and these carriers provide a wide array of plans. Changing the carriers is also easy and affordable.

8. Prepaid Cell Phones Have a Long Battery Life

Unlike Smartphones with multiple apps and other features such as GPS, cameras, and audio-visual content playing apps, the prepaid cell phones have the primary calling and texting features and a few others that don’t use much power. The power in a prepaid mobile phone may last for several days before the battery goes flat. It’s thus an ideal option if you’re traveling or if you’ll be away from your charger or power source for a while.

Prepaid cell phones and their pay-as-you-go plans are affordable, convenient, easy to control in terms of cost, and they’re an ideal backup for your smartphone.

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