5 Ways to Make Money on Your iPhone in 2020

Want to make extra money in 2020 and do so just using your iPhone? Well, what might sound far fetched to some is a reality for others. You see, it’s very possible to make money from your phone these days.

The iPhone is a ridiculously powerful device and you have access to anything through it. So, let’s jump right in. These are all ways you can make money, and very quickly, from your iPhone device.

1. Start Blogging

A blogger. That is the life. Lay on the beach all day and just collect money. Right? Wrong.

Actually, starting a blog is very hard, but if you have a great niche focused blog idea you can write content on your phone and constantly post it. Over time your organic traffic can spike and you can make money from ads or start selling affiliate offers.

You don’t have to know how to design websites either. There are plenty of nice themes available that offer a great user experience, just like this blog here does. In case you didn’t find your voice and niche now – you can start from ghostwriting jobs and find out what you want to write about after some time.

2. Flip Sneakers

Your phone gives you access to any online market place you can imagine. Sneakers are very popular right now, and you can get in on the sneaker hustle and buy and sell right from your phone.

“The sneaker industry is so hot now,” advises Tony Rush of custom subwoofer box website HiFi Sound Connection. “Some sellers are finding an available hot pair, taking a picture with their phone and listing it, then selling it before they even purchase it.”

3. Drive for Uber

Uber is another job you can start almost right away. It’s so easy to sign up and you can start earning money quickly. It’s a great side hustle and one that many do when they are trying to save money for a new venture or opportunity.

“A lot of Uber drivers that I make small talk with say they are driving on the side to make extra money,” says Darryl Howard of NuWays MD. “It’s a great way to get working fast.”

There are also other options like Lyft, Postmates and Grubhub — they are all the came concept, although some of the food delivery options can be done with a scooter or bike.

4. Manage SMB Social Media

If you are a social media expert why not put that skill to use and manage the Instagram and Facebook accounts for local small businesses? Most of the work can be done on your phone, from content creation to posting.

Come up with several affordable package options and hit the streets and talk to every business owner that will give you 15 seconds of his or her time.

5. Run Instagram Theme Pages

If you are good at growing Instagram pages there is a huge opportunity in page growth and promotion. The key is to create very niche theme pages that have a lot of monetization potential.

You could create a page that is just memes and bank on sponsored posts, or even create a page that features the best horse racing tips, and work out deals with local tracks that pay you referral fees.

Then, you simply put an advertising email in the bio and you will have people and brands contacting you looking for shoutouts and sponsored posts.

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