Why you need cannabis seeds in your diet

It seems to be common knowledge nowadays that plant based diets have, what seems to be, an unlimited number of health benefits, especially for those looking to get in great shape or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long haul. It seems the majority of the world is taking health very seriously in this era. People are starting to quit smoking, more people are starting to exercise properly, and of course, more people are putting a healthy diet as a top priority.

Now there are a number of debates between those who eat meat for protein and those who don’t, they argue which is a better source of protein, which is leaner, better for your heart etc. And this isn’t about which is better, this is just a little insight into some of the options when looking to add a bit of protein to your diet. More specifically, a very efficient source of protein, cannabis seeds. 

Cannabis, having become legalised in Canada and across many states of America, has become more and more popular amongst health fanatics. They add it to their diet, as well as make use of the seeds and plants for personal and/or medicinal use. But what are the benefits you might find from adding cannabis seeds to your diet? Well, as already mentioned, they are a great source of protein. Infact, it is estimated approximately 1 ounce of the seeds holds an amazing 11 grams of proteins! Not only are they a super lean, high concentrate form of protein, but they also contain 10 essential branched chain amino acids, the building blocks for proteins. 

Alright, so cannabis seeds are awesome if you’re looking to build a bit of muscle and recover from your workouts, but there are more benefits to adding them to your diet. Secondly, they are an awesome source of fibre to. Anyone who has ever tried to eat healthier will know that having a high fibre count is vital to keep your digestion healthy. Without fibre in your diet, you’re in trouble. Fibre can be found in most green vegetables and fruits, especially apples, however cannabis seeds are that much lighter and easier to digest. 

As well as gaining some lean muscle and supporting your digestion, it is becoming more popular amongst those looking to lose weight to add cannabis seeds to the diet. The main reason is, as already mentioned, the high protein contained in the seeds helps to fight cravings and feelings of hunger. It is an awesome way to keep you from snacking and feeling fuller for longer. It has been reported in a number of cases that, due to the essential nutrients in the seeds, many felt more energised throughout the day. Who doesn’t want to feel more energised right? 

Lastly, and probably the most important reason you’d want cannabis seeds in your life, is the fact that cannabis seeds actually help with cardiovascular health. It has come about in recent studies that, due to the high amounts of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in their contents, cannabis seeds actually help regulate blood pressure and reduce the risks of heart disease, strokes and heart attacks. The fatty acids, omega 3 and 6, are what control the body’s natural cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is the number one cause of heart disease, which in short leads to those dreaded strokes and heart attacks.

Of course there are many more benefits and uses for cannabis seeds. People use them for all sorts of reasons in many different forms, even in the form of CBD oil. CBD oil has become a huge industry, because, well it works. using Real CBD Oil can drastically improve your life. But that’s a topic for another day. 

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