5 Reasons Why a Dump Truck Needs a Bed Liner

Anyone who owns or operates a dump truck knows what their equipment must endure during its daily operation. No matter what it is required to haul, a dump truck is expected to function without any problems and provide a successful operation. It is common for people to discover their dump trailer has deep scratches, large dents, and maybe punctures. This will decrease their dump truck’s length of operation. Many benefits can be experienced from utilizing a dump truck liner.

1- Material Release

Using a dump truck liner could result in easier material release. Some dump trucks will haul sticky loads. They become a challenge when releasing and trying to protect the truck bed. A bed liner helps things go better. This feature will make it possible for the load to slide freely. This results in fewer leftover materials. It will make a hauling operation more efficient. Without a dump truck bed liner, some material would remain in the truck bed.

2- Decreased Trailer Maintenance

Slam dump is not a good thing. This is the slamming motion that is necessary to knock loose material stuck on the inside of the trailer. This will put a significant amount of strain on the truck’s hoist and drivetrain functions. It can ultimately lead to some significant maintenance costs. When a backhoe is used, the costs can increase. The scraping done will tear up the inside of a trailer during the removal process. A plastic liner placed in a dump truck will make it possible for the materials to slide free as the trailer is hoisted up. When this is done, the maintenance costs are decreased. The reason costs decrease is that there will be less wear on the trailer and less strain on the components on the trailer.

3- Improved Safety Operation

When high dumping angles are combined with stuck materials, it can create a dangerous situation. This is when truck rollovers can occur. Truck drivers, and any other nearby worker, could be harmed during a rollover. A truck operator may need to climb to the top of a trailer to remove the remaining material. This will put them at risk for serious injury. A dump truck bed liner will make it possible for a driver to do their work from their truck’s cabin. Climbing on the trailer will no longer be necessary.

4- Snow Removal

It is common for a snowplow to also be a dump truck. It could be used to haul salt or another type of melting agent within the bed of the truck. These materials can have a negative reaction with the bare metal in a truck’s bed. It can result in corrosion as well as accelerated wear. A bed liner will protect against these problems. When trucks are utilized to haul excess snow, it is common for snow to stick to the truck bed when the snow is dumped. This problem can also be eliminated with a bed liner.

5- Paving Operations

When a truck is being used to haul asphalt for paving, this is material that’s significantly hotter than other types of material. When a dump bed liner is used, it provides an important barrier between the truck bed and this material. When dumping this material, it will slide away from the truck bed easily. This saves time and energy.

Dump truck bed liners provide significant value for any operation that chooses to use them. They are a safe and effective way to contain as well as transport materials whether wet, dry or, even hot. It provides a way for dump truck operators to work in a safer environment. Those involved with dump truck operations understand the many benefits of using dump truck liners.

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