How Water Damage can Cause Dangerous Mold in your Home

Excess water in the home – whether due to flooding, a broken drain, or a leaky roof – can often cause a great deal of trouble. It can jeopardize building integrity, destroy equipment and electronics, ruin furniture, carpeting, clothing, and other household objects.

Even if the penetration of water is minimal and does not do major harm, it can still create a mold problem – any amount of moisture retention indoors will easily contribute to mold growth in the house.

How does Mold Grows?

Mold is found everywhere and when the moisture is present, it can grow on almost any material. It is spread by spores, carried by air currents. When spores land on a life-suitable moist surface, they start growing. Mold is normally found indoors at rates that don’t affect most healthy people.

Since certain building materials may support mold growth and mold spores are pervasive, mold growth in an indoor setting is usually associated with exposure to water or moisture and may be caused by inadequate drying of flooring materials. Problems with flooding, leaky roofs, building-maintenance or indoor plumbing may lead to the growth of the internal mold.

How an Indoor Air Quality Test Is performed

An indoor air quality test can be performed at home if there are symptoms of air pollution and mold is observed somewhere inside the home. 

At the moment there are quite a few air quality monitoring systems on the market that can effectively measure (and record over time) the air quality inside your home. Such machines usually test rates of PM2.5 (small particles of dust and other airborne allergens you inhale), VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds – including chemical pollutants), temperature, and humidity (for molds). Since most homeowners don’t really want to invest in any costly equipment, they usually hire a company like Elite Moisture Solutions to perform the indoor air quality test that will specifically determine if there are dangerous levels of mold in the air. The cost for the test usually runs between $100 – $200 and they can also perform any mold removal if mold is detected.

Why Professional Mold Remediation is Necessary

Specialists in mold removal have a lot of training and specialized equipment to remove mold and mildew entirely. They know what mistakes to stop, what not to make and how to fix your problems permanently. 

  • Expert Mold Assessment 

People might spend a lot of money trying to solve the issue by themselves but the issue still prevails. Professional mold remediation service is an expert at what they are doing and can eliminate the main causes of mold inside the building.

  • Proper Equipment 

They have the right equipment and know how to use if effectively. Instead of wasting money on self-trial methods, people can hire a professional service. 

  • Money-Saving 

As said earlier, professional remediation services are money-saving. They could save your effort, time and money with complete satisfaction and future benefits.

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