What’s the Bruce Banner Strain?

The Bruce Banner strain is much like Hulk, green, huge & strong. Having an average THC of about 27%, it is good enough to cure headaches and conditions like chronic pain. Although named Bruce Banner, it has wonderful aroma, delicate & sweet flavor, similar to candy & berries. 

More about Bruce Banner strain

Bruce Banner is considered to be a hybrid strain. At 40% Indica and 60% Sativa, it’s lightly Sativa dominant. It is physically relaxing, mentally stimulating, and therefore, an amazing combination. The strain is best suited for those who would like to remain alert, focused, sharp, and mindful.

Strawberry Diesel hybrid & OG Kush hybrid are the parents of the Bruce Banner strain. When blended, they both generate a tasty and nutritional combo that is good for the mind and body. Three prominent phenotypes exist in this strain, with all them having good amounts of THC.

The THC content in the Bruce Banner Sativa ranges between 25-29%, thus making it one of the strongest strains available. It’s tough to find a strain as potent as Bruce Banner, that’s why it’s popularity has been skyrocketing since its release.

All three phenotypes do make fantastic concentrates, live resin, shatter, edibles, and hash. The extraction techniques used only amplify the already existing high. It is meant for those who prefer a medicinal dosage in high amounts or have developed a high tolerance to cannabis. 

What about its appearance, flavor & aroma?

Its aroma is quite interesting because of the intriguing genetics that it shares. It has a pungent smell that overwhelms the room. Strawberry Diesel & OG Kush genetics do present a strong diesel aroma and its fruity, floral undertones are sweet. 

When compared to the aroma, the strain’s flavor is much more pleasant, since it tastes sweet like natural candy flavor, with fruity, berry & earthy undertones, juicy & hearty similar to freshly picked strawberries. 

You can also get to taste bits of floral notes, which make the strain special for those eager to have that elegant cannabis tasting experience.

What are its effects on body & mind?

This being a cannabis hybrid strain, its effects upon mind & body is likely to be equally split up. At different moments, both the Indica and Sativa effects will peak. Sativa prominence does cause mental effects and the body seems to be more aligned towards tasty Indica. You are likely to have that lively, energetic, and giggly feeling you crave.

Your brain will be compelled to come up with lots of introspective thoughts and you are sure to feel good vibes and happiness throughout your body and mind. Your body also becomes heavy and euphoric, thus relaxing fully, making your stress depart and enjoy a calm and peaceful sensation. You do not feel tired from this strain. Rather, you will feel more focused and alert, but in a tranquil state.
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