How Difficult is it to Get a Tree or Stump Removed?

The short answer, not very. Of course, depending on where you are, different resources will be available to you, but it should be fairly similar regardless of your location. But for future reference, this article will be based on resources for tree service in St. Louis. Here are a few different services that you may need, and what you might need to accomplish the task. 


A lot of people reading this are likely DIY, or do it yourself advocates. When it comes to tree servicing, this is definitely an alright approach, as long as you have the tools, the time, and the energy. In all reality, for most trees you won’t need much more than a pair of clippers, and at most a chainsaw to do your tree trimming and servicing. But it will definitely take some time, and a lot of people don’t take the time to learn and understand how to properly service their tree, so that they don’t hurt or kill it in the process. But all in all, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the hang of. Removal is a bit different. Removing whole trees or large stumps requires a lot more manpower, and a lot more tools in many cases, including heavy machinery. Small trees shouldn’t be too much of a hassle for the everyday DIY activist, but medium to large trees are a little out of the ordinary. In the case of a large tree or stump, it would be best to call tree removal in St. Louis.


The benefits of having a tree or stump removal service take care of that ugly stump are worth the cost for most people. Most of the time, the average Joe doesn’t realize the amount of work needed to get stubborn roots to let go, or to take down a really tall tree properly and safely. Hundreds of people and homes are hurt and damaged every year due to the inability or not having the expertise to do it the right way. Imagine trying to remove a big tree, thinking you are doing all the right things, in the right order, only to still have it start leaning towards your home, and slowly start to make its way over to destroy the biggest investment of your life. Not to mention people and pets it can hurt. Heavy huh? (No pun intended). Make sure you do your research and take down and dispose of your foliage in the right way. Check with your local law office to see if there are any rules and regulations on cutting down and disposing.

Getting a small tree or stump removed or finding services to do it for you shouldn’t be hard, unless you live far far away from civilization. Doing most of it yourself is definitely a viable option for you if you can invest the time and money into the right tools and knowledge. And if not, there are tree services in nearly every area, especially St. Louis, willing and able to help where they can.

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