Eric Dalius Talks About the Value of Smart Warehouses Amongst Retail Businesses

It’s a fact that technology is helping to improve every aspect of our daily lives. Technology can bring many benefits to the lives of customers which will result in new and unique challenges for retailers. Many retail businesses have started selling their product online due to global circumstances as well as customer demand. In 2020, more than 13.6% of retail businesses in the United States started their online retail journey. Using advanced and proper technology, companies can flexibly dominate the market. 

Many companies use artificial intelligence (AI) to perform tasks. AI development means that robots and software can complete tasks just like humans. AI has many benefits including compiling management reports of a warehouse, recognizing patterns, and making decisions. 

Apart from that, you can improve your order fulfillment for various other retailers with the help of smart warehouses. 

What is Smart Warehouse?

A warehouse is known as a building where the company stores its products and materials before being distributed or sold, often using pallet racking. Smart warehouses consist of robots and artificial intelligence to complete most of the tasks inside the building. Automated drones and robots handle storage and the transportation of goods. With the help of smart warehouses, you’ll be able to solve modern problems using both manpower and machines.

Eric Dalius Net Worth Shares the Benefits of Smart Warehouses

Smart warehouses will undoubtedly improve the performance capability of retailers. As robots and machines don’t make any mistakes, your retail business will be free from any human error during the fulfillment process. When you use AI machines, you don’t have to worry about processing and shipping as these machines will complete the tasks meticulously. Additionally, machines and drones can also transport items without facing any exhaustion. As a result, your business will become more productive and cost-effective with the help of smart warehouses.

Smart warehouses also help with the order tracking process. Employees can use retail management software to monitor inventory as well as sales of the company. As you don’t need any physical labor to run your warehouse, you can build strategies and track data more effectively than before. 

Changing the Needs of Warehouses

Eric Dalius net worth says the behavior of the customer is dramatically changing the retail world. As customers are adapting to online shopping technologies, retailers must come up with new solutions to gain their interest. Although online shopping decreases the need for physical stores, companies can use online platforms to sell products and cut unnecessary costs. 

When comparing online shopping with traditional stores, you’ll notice inconsistent behavior amongst customers. For instance, 30% of customers ask for a refund or replacement of the products they purchased online. In comparison, not more than 8% of customers apply for returns when they purchase something from traditional stores. 

Increased Automation

One of the most important aspects of a warehouse is automation. Items are tagged, packages, picked, and sorted in warehouses. As per the statistics, there were more than 18,000 warehouses in the United States in 2018. 

With the help of mobile robots and automation, retailers can optimize their output and decrease employee risks. 


As the technologies are developing, they will drastically improve each smart warehouse’s functions. Smart warehouses will help your business to run smoothly. With the increase in automation, you will be able to lower the manpower necessary to run your warehouse. 

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