Treadmill: how to use it to lose weight at home and which one to choose

Utilizing a treadmill: all the benefits

Since that running and walking are the physical workouts that allow you to burn more calories and fat, the treadmill is one of the most beneficial fitness gadgets.

Its advantage is that if you have enough space, you can set it in your house and use it as frequently as you like, taking advantage of all of these benefits:

If You’re Looking to Delve Deeper Understating:

increase endurance

improve the cardiovascular system’s health
walk to lose weight, burn calories, and combat cellulite
Legs, calves, and buttocks should be relaxed.

Evidently, caloric consumption rises in direct proportion to the pace and distance travelled, which must be chosen in accordance with one’s physical condition.

Which treadmill should I buy?

Treadmills are classified into two varieties on the market:

Magnetic treadmills are electric treadmills.
The distinction is that in the first example, a motor is used, but in the second, the tape moves only due to your own movement. The electric one provides a more comprehensive exercise and can be used for both running and walking, with several sorts of inclination and speed settings. The magnetic treadmill, on the other hand, is more suited to individuals who just wish to stroll.

There are several high quality treadmills on the market, but you must be prepared to pay a little money: a nice electric treadmill costs from 300 euros and above, while magnetic treadmills are less expensive.

How to Lose Weight With a Treadmill

The body moves on the treadmill in a manner similar to that of walking or running on the road; nevertheless, there are several advantages:

When compared to asphalt or concrete, the shock absorbers of the implement lessen the stress on the joints. Concentration is trained more since the support surface is constantly flat and one does not have to pay attention to the traps of the ground (speed, incline, etc.)
To get visible results, you must use the treadmill at least three times each week, with each workout lasting between 30 and 60 minutes: this is the only method to trigger the process that leads to fat burning and metabolism speeding up.

Of course, it is a rather intense and demanding workout, and consistency and regularity are required, not to mention that, no matter how effective, the treadmill alone is not enough if you want to lose a lot of weight, and must be combined with a personalised diet developed by a specialist doctor or nutritionist.

How to Workout on a Treadmill

To reduce weight, pick brisk walking (set speed between 5 and 6.5 km/h) or real jogging (set speed above 6.5 km/h), progressively increasing platform inclination. In the first few weeks, it is best to do a half-hour workout that alternates 2/3 minutes of walking and 2/3 minutes of jogging.

It is feasible to progressively increase the number of minutes of jogging while keeping the heart rate under control. In reality, it should be recalled that in order to burn fat and therefore lose weight, the heartbeat should be kept at 60-70% of the maximal heart rate (there are handy tools on the nett to calculate this data comfortably, but many advanced heart rate monitors do it too).

As you begin exercising, walk or run with a one-kilo weight in each hand to tone your arms and enhance the slimming power of treadmill exercise. Always remember to complete some stretching exercises for the legs and arms at the end of training, followed by a 5 minute relaxing stroll at normal speed and without elevation to avoid contractures and muscle strains.

Tips for running on the treadmill

If you utilise the treadmill at a gym, you will definitely have experienced trainers available to explain how to use the instrument based on your training objectives.

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If, on the other hand, you prefer home DIY, here are some pointers to help you achieve your goal of losing weight using the treadmill.

  • The footwear

Can we use the same shoes for outdoor and indoor running? Indeed, however if we simply want to wear them on the treadmill, we should choose lighter, less cushioned shoes because the carpet’s running surface is already cushioned and less hard than asphalt or concrete.

  • The position

To avoid being distracted and falling throughout the workout, keep an erect posture at all times, facing forwards without turning around. It might be beneficial to set the treadmill in front of a mirror so that you can look at yourself and potentially repair your flaws while exercising.

  • Water intake

Drinking is still necessary regardless of the temperature and humidity of the place in which you run, whether at the gym or at home. Thus, remember to keep a bottle of water on hand for consumption throughout workout.

  • Warnings and precautions

If joint and/or muscle problems have been discovered (particularly if they affect the back, knees, and ankles), it is best to avoid using the treadmill and instead opt for a crosstrainer type equipment, which has a more fluid movement and less stress on the knees and feet.

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