6 Care Tips for Not Overloading Your Home’s AC Unit

An air conditioner that is overloaded can cause the air that comes out of your vents to feel warm rather than cool. An overloaded air conditioner can also develop leaks, have frost on the outside of the system, and make loud noises. If keeping your house cool is important to you, treat your air conditioner with care and help it keep from overloading.

1. Use Fans to Circulate Air and Cool Down Your House

The harder that your air conditioner has to work, the more likely that you are to deal with issues with it. Fans take the air that comes from the air conditioner and circulate that cool air in the home. Fans help the house stay cool with less effort from the air conditioner and they keep rooms from feeling stuffy and stale. Keep your ceiling fans on when your air conditioning system is running.

2. Clean Out Air Ducts Regularly

As dirt and dust collects in an air duct, it makes it harder and harder for air to move through that duct. When air from your air conditioner system struggles to get through your air ducts, your air conditioner system will have a hard time cooling your home, so it is important to keep all ducts cleaned out.

3. Change the Filters on Your Air Conditioning System

There are filters on your air conditioner system that can get dirty and also keep air from flowing out like it is supposed to. Check the filters to see how much dust has collected on them and take time to change them if they are looking dirty.

4. Turn Up the Temperature on Your AC When You are Out of the House

The less effort that your air conditioner has to put out, the less likely it is to overload. If you are going to be out of your house for a time, consider changing the thermostat so that the air conditioner does not have to keep running all day.

5. Make Sure Your Air Conditioner is Getting the Power It Needs

There is a certain amount of electricity that needs to go to an air conditioning unit for it to work properly. If you are worried that there might be an electrical issue keeping your unit from getting the power it needs, consider getting a professional AC service to look things over and see what is going on.

6. Get Help if There are Leaks in Your AC System

If you have noticed an increase in the amount due on your electric bill or your house isn’t cooling off like it used to, you might have a leak going on in your AC system. A leak that is ignored can lead to an overload issue. Bring someone in to check your AC system if it is not running efficiently.

Keeping an AC system from overloading will help you save money and keep your home cool. Pay for regular maintenance services for your AC unit so that it can be efficient and effective. Having an working AC system is important.

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