What to Do When Car Door Lock is Stuck in Locked Position

If there’s one car locksmithing emergency which can become a real hassle, it’s none other but finding your vehicle stuck in a locked position. The tragedy can become more dramatic in case, you’ve locked your toddler or a beloved pet right inside the vehicle. And apparently, both are incapable of unlocking the door of your vehicle. Even though, if they were somehow capable of unlocking it, the stuck lock still won’t allow them to come out. So just in case, if you find yourself in such a situation, you may ponder your options! 

Just in case, if you’re located in let’s say Philadelphia, then the fastest way to resolve your car door lock problem is by calling up an auto locksmith in Philadelphia who can provide you with the service.

But just in case, if an automobile locksmith is far away or you are unable to reach them, here are a few things which you can do to resolve your car door lock stuck in locked position problem. 

Try Unlocking the Vehicle  

So the first thing which you can do to resolve your vehicle door lock stuck in a position problem is to try to get inside the vehicle somehow. While the lives of your toddler and beloved pet is at stake, it’s best you first find a way to get them out of the vehicle. 

  • Check if there are any alternative car doors which are accessible. Sometimes, your trunk can open up with a bit of jerk, so you can always try that. 
  • If you have a car key fob or a remote, try unlocking the vehicle using your car remote. Does it work? No. 
  • Check if any of the windows of your vehicle are down. Even if they are down by an inch, you can use a bendy wire to try unlocking the door. 
  • If nothing works, unscrew the door panel and try to reach the interior section of the door lock. You may end up disassembling your vehicle but lives are at stake so it’s best you worry about it later. 
  • Once disassembled, try moving the latch and you will eventually unlock the door.

Don’t forget that the above discussed steps are a DIY for those who are unable to reach out to a professional locksmith. In case of extreme emergency, we recommend that you follow these steps only. 

It is always better to contact a licensed locksmith to help you unlock your vehicle. It’s usually pretty easy to find them. If you are in Kansas for instance, simply google “locksmith kansas“.

If the Latch Doesn’t Work? 

Now what if the latch in your vehicle is stuck and just doesn’t work? Well in that case, you can try doing the following. 

  • Lubricate It – If you have a silicone based lubricant with you, then lubricate the entire car door lock assembly. Check for any rusty bits and clean them. Apply more lubricant until the mechanism starts working. 
  • Use Lock Bindings – Most locks do not work because of broken connections. To fix the problem, you will have to get yourself a binding glue and bind the broken connections so they work. Do pay attention to the lock material because there are different glues for different materials. 
  • Part Replacement – If you’re not in an emergency situation, then you should order new parts online and wait for the shipment to arrive. Try auto part delivery service on Shiply for fast and effective shipping. Once you have the new lock, replace the old one with the new.
  • Once you have the new lock, replace it with the old one. 

So that’s it folks, that’s all the possible ways how you can fix a stuck door lock. Some of the methods discussed above might require you to do a bit of your own research. While, YouTube and Google is your best option, my advice is that you should always call a professional local locksmith in your area and discuss your problem with them. Even if you don’t want to pay them for the service, they can still provide you with consultancy and help you out with your local car lock problem effectively. 

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