5 Reasons to Contact a Lawyer After Being Charged with Theft

Being accused of a crime and convicted of one are two separate issues. Between the time of an arrest and a ruling from a criminal court judge, you are likely to encounter numerous challenges and a lot of stress. It is understandable that you would want to mitigate your circumstances as much as possible. One of the most effective ways to do that is to contact a lawyer, especially if you’re facing theft charges.

1- Having Defense Support Makes Adjudication Less Stressful

One of the most basic reasons for connecting with a criminal defense attorney after you’ve been taken into police custody you gain a personal representative. An attorney can speak and act on your behalf, which is a lot less stressful than being on your own.

2- An Experienced Defense Lawyer Has the Needed Expertise

When facing theft charges, it is imperative that you understand the implications of the accusation. The term “theft” is a broad category wherein you may be charged with various offenses. A defense lawyer can explain the charges against you, including providing information about the potential penalties you could incur if the court were to convict you.

3- An Attorney Can Take Action if a Personal Rights Violation Occurs

As a top priority when representing a client in a criminal case, a lawyer protects the rights of the accused. For example, if you tell your lawyer that you did not consent to a search of your home, but police entered anyway, without a warrant, and confiscated items that you are now accused of stealing, he or she might challenge the evidence or request a dismissal of your case.

4- A Defense Lawyer is a Skilled Negotiator

With a lawyer on hand to negotiate on your behalf, you might be able to secure a plea agreement that produces an ultimate outcome a lot less severe than you might have had without legal representation there to negotiate with prosecutors. There have been many instances where a defense attorney was able to secure probation before judgment or convince a judge that a case should be dismissed due to lack of evidence. Pre-trial negotiations often produce results that are favorable to a defendant.

5- A Lawyer Can Request a Lighter Sentence

You might have legal representation yet face conviction for theft. This is one of the situations in which it is especially helpful to have an attorney by your side. An experienced attorney understands the criminal justice system, especially an attorney with former experience as a prosecutor. Your attorney can petition the court to issue a lighter sentence than the maximum allowed under the law. A defense lawyer can implore the court to show mercy by convincing the judge that mitigating circumstances exist in your case due to external issues that influenced your behavior.

When you’re facing theft charges, you increase your chances of a positive outcome with a lawyer on your side. Do your research and due diligence by locating a criminal defense lawyer who can work to get you a good legal outcome.

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