Steps on How to Get a UK Visa

Are you planning to work, start a business, travel or live in the UK? If you are, the best way to enter the country’s premises is to get the correct visa. A visa is your ticket to be eligible to go to the country, especially if you’re a foreigner. Therefore, it’s essential to know how you can get a UK visa to fulfil your dream of working or living in the amazing country of the United Kingdom. 

Here’s a simple guide that you can  follow to get your UK Visa and start your journey to the European country:

Know the Type of UK Visa

The first step to acquiring a UK visa is knowing the type of visa you’ll apply for. Whether you are a worker, student, entrepreneur or a tourist, whichever category you fall under, there is a particular type of UK visa suitable for you.

For tourists who wish to visit the country for leisure and a quick visit, what they need are tourist visas. This allows you to enter the country and stay there for six months, although with various restrictions. As you’re only visiting the country, you’re not eligible to work and get paid during your stay since you are only a tourist in the UK.

On the other hand, you can apply for a working visa of either a Temporary Working Visa if you only wish to work for 12 months here or Skilled Worker Visa if you want to extend your working eligibility in the country. You can also acquire a visa for the purpose of opening a business in the UK by applying for an Innovator Visa. This allows you to start and grow your company in the country legally.

Furthermore, there are also types of visas eligible for ILR or indefinite leave to remain or the opportunity to reside in the UK for as long as you want. Visas like family visas, skilled worker visas and some business visas are eligible to apply for ILR.

Prepare the Requirements

Once you know the UK visa suitable for your situation, the next step is to prepare immigration documents and other requirements. However, you need to know that the legal papers required may vary depending on the type of UK visa you are applying for. You can either search for them online or ask your immigration lawyer to ensure that you prepare the proper documents.

Applying for a particular type of visa requires specific documents, which also applies to all kinds of visas. However, there are primary papers that you can submit regardless of the type of visa you’re applying for, such as:

  • Your latest passport and two pictures of you in passport size.
  • The visa application form that you have completed and signed. 
  • You also need your bank statements and other financial proof.
  • You also need to present evidence that you paid for the visa.
  • Your biometric information that you can acquire in the visa application centre is also required.

Proceed to the Application Process

Preparing the requirements first will help you proceed to the application process seamlessly. The steps of the visa application process are accessible. The first is to complete the required visa form either online or in your nearest visa application centre. Then, present and submit the necessary documents and pay for the fee.

Once you submit the requirements,  the authorized personnel of the centre will check your application. After checking, they will contact you to proceed in getting your biometric information and a possible interview.

Afterwards, your papers will undergo intensive checking and validation again before they send a confirmation letter on whether you can proceed to the next step of your immigration process. If you get approved, you can already get your BRP or Biometric Residence Permit within ten days and continue with the next phase of your immigration.

Get Advice from Immigration Lawyers

The immigration process, especially applying for a UK visa, requires lots of energy if you don’t have the proper knowledge and guidance. Therefore, it can be helpful if you seek advice or consultation from the best immigration lawyer to make the process to make the process of acquiring a UK visa easier. 

Furthermore, hiring a UK immigration lawyer also offers you access to US immigration services for faster transactions. Therefore, it’s an ideal solution for individuals who don’t have enough time to waste during the process and who need sponsor licence guidance. Moreover, a lawyer can also provide you with a suitable solution in case you encounter issues along the way. 


A Visa application can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have someone to guide you throughout the process. So, aside from the steps provided in this article, it will also help you a lot if you consider consulting immigration lawyers. 

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