7 Ways to Kickstart Your Weight Loss Journey

Losing weight can seem like a daunting task for both men and women. There are several different methods that can all help, but have varying consequences. Using certain drugs can be dangerous whereas surgery can have lasting scars. To jumpstart your weightloss journey, there are a few tricks to consider.

7 Ways To Help You Lose Weight

1.) Keep a schedule. This may seem like a non-essential part of weight loss, but it is actually critical for measuring progress. By planning workout routines as well as basic meals and snacks, it’s easier to reinforce healthy behavior.

2.) Exercise. Regular exercise does not have to include grueling workouts that leave you exhausted. If hiking up a mountain isn’t your thing, it doesn’t have to be. To sustain weight loss over time, a consistent exercise routine is more important than sporadic high-impact exercise. Swimming and walking can be an easy way to start exercising.

3.) Sleep. While it may seem counterintuitive, sleep is one of the best ways to help you lose weight. By keeping a consistent sleeping schedule, you can experience adequate energy throughout the day. This is important for any type of workout as well as work and social health. A healthy sleep cycle can also prevent midnight snacking or overeating during the day.

4.) Get support. Weight loss can be a long-term journey. To truly succeed in major weight loss, lifestyle changes must be changed. Doing this with a friend or having family support can help when new lifestyle changes get difficult. A workout buddy can also boost enthusiasm while adding a bit more entertainment to the gym.

5.) Nutrition. The proper nutrition is essential when losing weight in a healthy way. While it is technically possible to lose weight by only counting calories, this can be problematic for overall health. Without the right amount of protein and vitamins, many people are susceptible to a lack of energy. If consuming only food with a high amount of sugar, the mood is also likely to be negatively affected. A professional nutritionist can help plan out the perfect diet that will work for your priorities and individual health.

6.) Emergency food. Eating when hungry can prevent you from binge eating. Packing emergency food is one way to help you feel full and satisfied if you’re at work or in the car. Bringing a banana or granola bar will help beat food cravings without the crash of sugary processed foods like candy or pastries.

7.) Drink water. Drinking water can actually help with bloating. By drinking more water, the body is able to flush its system of excess fluid. Water, unlike soda or coffee, will keep the body dehydrated while also decreasing thirst. Many people find that drinking several glasses of water throughout the day also decreases hunger. Drinking one glass of water before eating a meal may be a natural way to fill full while eating less.

The Metabolism Process

The role of a metabolism is to convert food into energy. While this process helps burn calories for weightloss, it also helps circulate the blood and adjust hormone levels. There are several factors that can influence an individual basal metabolism.

Body size can be deceiving. Just because one individual is larger than another, does not mean they have a slow metabolism. In fact, they may have the opposite. People who have more muscle can burn more calories even when resting. One of the reasons exercise is a healthy part of losing weight is due to its muscle strengthening abilities.

Men typically have less body fat than women. This is true even if they are both the same age and weight. Just because two people weigh the same on a scale, does not mean they have the same amount of body fat. Since men usually have more muscle than women, men can typically burn more calories.

As both men and women age, muscle is likely to decrease. It may take longer workouts to build the same amount of muscle as someone twenty years younger. In addition to the decrease in fat, there is usually an increase in fat. This combination can lead to a slower calorie-burning process.


Motivation and consistency are two of the most important factors when it comes to losing weight. By having the right kind of support and a plan that you can stick with, the results are much more likely to happen. Fitness and healthy eating have been the gold standard for safely losing weight and keeping it off.

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