The Best Phone Cases for iPhones

Many people enjoy iPhones, and the brand has many features and styles available. However, you’ve got to protect your investment! That’s why there are so many iPhone cases on the market, too.

Let’s take a look at some of the best iPhone cases out there. That way, you’ve got the right information to decide which one you want for your new phone:

Apple Silicone Case (MagSafe)

Do you prefer to do everything by the book? Apple has its own official iPhone case, and you’re sure to like the silicone one with MagSafe.

It features high-quality silicone, but the minimalistic design from Apple shows through. You get a soft-touch experience and a microfiber lining inside for more protection.

MagSafe is built right in. The magnets in the case align with an iPhone 12, 12 Pro Max, and 12 Pro, allowing you to charge your phone easily and wirelessly.

Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Most of the time, iPhone cases have so many bells and whistles, but the one from Spigen is simple and easy. It’s one of the bestsellers and offers great value. The budget-friendly, slim, light design still gives you Mil-Grade protection and has air cushion technology to prevent damage if you drop it.

Unicorn Beetle Pro

Another one of the best iPhone cases is the Unicorn Beetle Pro. It offers a TPU bumper. This is a special material made of rubber and plastic. Plus, you get port covers to keep out dust, integrated kickstands to view your phone, and a holster clip.

While it’s a bit more expensive, you’re sure to love it for many years to come.

CaseFace Personalise Pro

CaseFace is well-known for being an its excellent range of custom smartphone cases. Best known for their unique customization options, CaseFace has 100s of customizable phone case designs as well as the ability to design your own phone case

These water-resistant cases protect iPhones from 6-foot drops. Plus, there’s a vertical slot inside to hold money or credit cards. You’ve got full peace of mind with these iPhone cases!


Do you like having an entire wallet and iPhone case together? The SUPCASE brand has you covered. It protects your phone, but it also holds two cards, an ID, and some cash. The minimalist approach is great because you can slip it in your pocket and go about your day!


Owning an iPhone could be seen as a status symbol, but you need to protect your investment. Don’t deal with scratches and cracks on the screen. These iPhone cases are great, have many features, and keep your phone looking new for longer!

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