9 Key Reasons to Remove Junk Cars from Your Driveway

Do you have an old and idle junk car on your property? Perhaps it’s time to dispose of it.

Yes, we all love vintage cars, as long as it’s drivable. But if the junk car has more rust than paint or doesn’t move, then selling is the best option.

Just like you, most people have a hard time selling their vintage cars for various reasons:

Sentimental value: maybe it’s the first car you bought

For the kids: some parents opt to bequeath their vehicles to their children but wait for long.

Perceived value: at times, owners price their cars beyond the market rates making them hard to sell.

DIY restoration: at times sellers hold on to a car because they hope to undertake restoration exercise, which never happens.

Well, are you guilty of any of the above reasons, don’t worry! You’re not alone. For most people, letting go of something valuable like a car isn’t easy. However, leaving it to rot on your property is a plain disservice.

Here are the primary reasons to remove junk cars from the driveway.

1. Devalues Your Property

Abandoned junk cars are a property killer. Yes, it’s driving the value of your property down, alongside that of your neighbors. If the vehicle is on a vacant lot, do a VIN search and report to the authorities. Your neighbors will appreciate the effort.

2. An Attractive Nuisance

An abandoned vehicle will draw attention sooner or later especially to children. It’s even worse in an area without a playground and neighborhood children may camp here. Well, this may lead to injuries and the parents may claim liability for the medical care costs.

3. Paint Erosion

Yes, you may keep the car hoping to fix and resell. However, the unforgiving sun rays will damage the exterior paint and expose it to rust and further breakdown. In the end, the repair costs may surpass the vehicle’s market value. Dispose of the car now to avoid extra expenses, which you may not recoup after a resell.

4. Houses Unwelcome Visitors

Abandoned cars attract all sorts of insects and animals that make them their homes. The animals might include: rats, mice, snakes among others, some of these animals might have their diseases which they transfer to your home.

But that’s not all! These cars might attract people with “sticky fingers” who will steal some parts and sell them for profit.

5. Toxic and Dangerous

A rusty car with sharp edges might cause injuries that require a tetanus shot. Further, the leaking fluids and peeling off paint are toxic to people, animals, and the ground they’re dripping on. The oils may be flammable thus making this car a potential accident in waiting.

6. Junk Cars Are an Eyesore

There’s nothing attractive about a rusting old car. Nothing can be worse than neglecting your property. If you don’t have a viable restoration plan, dispose-off the vehicle.

7. Free Up Space

Is an old junky and rusting car taking all your garage space? It’s time to dispose of it. Otherwise, where will you park your new car?

Alternatively, you can use the free space to create a garden or improve it to raise property value.

8. Get Quick Money

Selling your junk car solves your problem and allows you to make some money. In most cases, people let junk cars waste away as they don’t know what to do with them.

9. Saves You Money

Disposing of junk cars saves on insurance and registration costs. Remember, these costs are mandatory and accumulate as long as you have a motor vehicle. It’s therefore advantageous to dispose of any junk vehicle in your possession.

Disposing of junk and rusty cars works to your advantage. As such, don’t hold on to a vehicle that’s not drivable.

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