How to pack items away for storage

Packing can be a lot of work. Learn how to do well with packing for storage so that you can feel good about it. Use the tips below as a guide.

Decide What You Want To Put Away

Before you start packing things up for storage, you need to decide what you want to put away. Sort through your things and get rid of as much stuff as possible. Then box up what you won’t need anytime soon and take the rest with you.

Keep Track Of Your Things

When you start boxing everything up, you need to carefully label each of the boxes. Make a list of everything you are putting in the storage unit, as well, so that you will remember later. Keeping track of your things will make you feel confident about storing them away.

Be Careful With Special Items

If you have any personal items to put in the storage unit, then store them carefully. If you have any fragile or breakable items you want to put away, then wrap them up the best you can and label the box as “fragile.” Be thoughtful about how you pack up each special item so that you won’t worry about it.

Buy The Right Storage Containers

It is better to put your things in plastic totes than cardboard boxes, and you need to buy all the best storage containers before you begin packing things away. Buy as many containers as you need and get all the same type of container so that they will stack up well. Get those with lids that close tightly so that your things will be well protected.

Protect Your Furniture When Storing It Away

The furniture can’t be stored away in totes, but you can still do a few things to protect it. You can cover the furniture in blankets to keep dust off and to protect it from scratches when moving. You could also disassemble the furniture and store it away as small as possible.

Carefully Box Up Your Electronics

When it comes to your electronics, you want to know that no harm will come to them. Carefully box them up so that they won’t get smashed or broken. Make sure that it is cool enough in the storage unit that they will not overheat or anything like that. Put them in individual containers and label each one of them.

Don’t Make The Boxes Too Heavy

If you have a ton of books or other heavier items to pack away, then be careful to evenly distribute those heavy items between the boxes. Don’t make any box too heavy or you will have a difficult time handling it. Make the boxes as easy to move as possible so that it will be easy going to get the storage container filled.

Make Room For Yourself In The Unit

When putting the things in storage, make sure that you don’t pack everything in too tightly or thickly, or you won’t be able to get to what you need when you need it. Instead, keep a pathway down the middle of your items and use heavy duty racking. Label the boxes and put the labels facing out so that you can quickly see what is inside each of them.

Follow this advice, and your things will be safe in storage. You will easily find what you need when you want it, too. Pack your things carefully to feel good about this.

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