Differentiate Your Brand From Competitors With Custom Pens

Using branded merchandise is fast gaining popularity in the business world. From intriguing can coolers to flamboyant pens, you can get so many different things to add value to your business. Usually, a customized product you consider for giveaway introduces your brand in the market. There are plenty of promotional products you can get from the market. Depending on how you want to expose your brand, using a custom pen can suffice. 

Begin with a pen

The pen is still one of the most magical items to choose for promotion. Regardless of the dominance of tying today, you can offer custom pens during meetings and events. When it comes to custom pens, most companies consider it one of the most remarkable giveaways during events. Here are a few reasons to focus on a custom pen.

  • Pens are one of the most affordable promotional items that can fetch you a handsome return.
  • All you need is order pens in bulk and include your logo and company name on it.
  • The promotional pens have high frequency usage making them a tangible product that accomplished the marketing needs.
  • Whether at home, in the office or for any purpose of work, a pen is one of the most popularly-used items.
  • The custom pen you choose acts like a business card and conveys relevant information to customers. 
  • Though the pen is an apparently simple product, it acts as a powerful marketing tool. Most people are known to carry a pen and wallet.
  • When compared to other modes of marketing, such as direct mail and television or radio commercials, a longer impact. The commercials you watch or listen to skips your mind immediately, but a custom pen including the name of the company is a far more effective means of communicating with the audience. 
  • People tend to share pens with others so the message imprinted on the pen reaches more people with ease and so does the message about your brand. 

Style of pen

When focusing on the style of a pen, you may consider the following options.

  • The grip retractable ballpoint pen flaunts an affordable and classy look and allows you to customize the color of the clip, barrel, and to resonate with the logo.
  • The standard retractable ballpoint pen is versatile and reliable. It is a suitable option for small startups with limited budgets that allows you to grow the business in the initial stage.
  • The more is the visibility of your brand, the more popular it becomes. If you are looking forward to new and repeat customers, a pen is a perfect giveaway.
  • The laser-engraved pen is another variety to use for promotion but you need to find a suitable color to match your brand.

The bottom line

A custom pen builds brand awareness and attracts new customers. You can choose a reasonably-priced product for the customers when looking for pens. Be sure to customize the pen with relevant details of the company so that more people come to know about it. Through a custom pen, more people can recognize your identity and the products and services you offer to customers.

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