How to Find the Right Bedding for You

If you have invested in a custom luxury mattress, there is nothing better to crown your new bedroom addition than with the right bedding. Bedding is not only the one aspect that can make your bedroom much more aesthetically pleasing, but these details also play an essential role in promoting good sleep, restfulness, and comfort. Start from the aspects below and pick the bedding of your dreams.


Bed linen might not play a crucial role in changing the style of your bedroom—especially in winter when a duvet or bedspread likely covers the sheets. But, just because they are not immediately visible, it does not mean that you should overlook the importance of picking the right material. Here are some of the best choices:


Flannel is the best fabric to feel comfortable and warm during winter nights. If you are designing a rustic or country style bedroom, flannel linen will complete the look!


Jersey is an incredibly soft material for your bed linen, suitable for both winter nights and summer evenings, if you live in a colder climate zone. It tends to hug your body and keep the heat in. 

Cotton Percale

This material is ideal for keeping your bed cool and breezy, especially during hot summer nights. While a natural, slightly coarse material, the matte finish offers your skin a softer feel.

Cotton Sateen

Sateen is a fabric similar to a cotton weave, but silkier. While it has a satin-like touch, it is often made of cotton, or sometimes rayon fibers.

Cotton-Polyester Blend

Cotton-poly is an easy-to-maintain, wrinkle-free, affordable material suitable if you are styling your bedroom on a budget or re-styling your kid’s bedroom.

Thread Count

The thread count of your linen can be an indicator of the fabric’s quality and durability. You are likely to find this figure on your new sheet’s package, and it is calculated by counting horizontal and vertical threads within a square inch. Higher thread counts usually indicate higher-quality, softer, and more durable linen.

However, many manufacturers will count the number of threads in several plies (threads bound together), which will give a higher total—while not corresponding to higher quality linen. So, to know whether the sheets are higher-quality, you will need to check whether they come with single-ply threads. Generally, a single-ply sheet with a 200 to 300 thread count will indicate extreme comfort and durability.


Once you have your dream bed sheets, it is time to identify the bedspread that will complete the look of your new bed. Bedspreads are thin or decorative covers placed on top of the sheets and will generally touch the floor. You can find them in chenille, wool, polyester, or cotton—depending on the look you want to give your bedroom. 

Some of the best ones include:


Comforters are cozy, stuffed covers characterized by a core of fibers or down. These add warmth and increase the bed’s comfort, but they can also enhance the bedroom style as they come in endless designs and colors.


Duvets are high-quality bedspreads placed on top of the sheet, and they often require a duvet cover. This characteristic makes them suitable if you wish to change your bedroom style often – as everything you will need to do for a fresh look is swap the duvet covers! Duvets are often stuffed with down, which results in a softer, less solid, and cozier alternative to comforters.


These are ideal for adding warmth. While useful, a blanket with an attractive quilt or design can enhance the look of your bedroom. The most common blankets models are usually in cotton, wool, microfiber plush, polyester, or a blend of these materials. 


Pillows can truly help you complete the look of your bedroom. Of course, they can enhance the quality of your sleep and spine’s health, but they can also be a visually attractive detail to add to your bed. 

While there is an endless type of shapes, sizes, and combinations on the market, some popular types of pillow include:

Water pillow

Water pillows are therapeutic types of pillows designed specifically to support your head and neck ergonomics. As your head and neck’s weight continuously displaces the water, it closes each gap in the curve, supporting your spine’s natural curve.

Foam pillow

Memory-foam pillows, just like memory-foam mattresses, are known for the health benefits they yield. Made in viscoelastic foam, these pillows allow for better pressure-relieve and weight balance while contouring your head and neck’s natural curve. They are particularly suitable for individuals who suffer from back and neck pain.

Sobakawa pillow 

These buckwheat-filled pillows coming from the Japanese tradition represent a sustainable alternative to standard pillows. Containing the hulls that contain buckwheat seeds, these pillows are firm and contouring.

Bolster pillow

These are tubular pillows that can help you find lumbar support when not sleeping. If you like to read or work sitting on your bed, these pillows can help.

Euro or Continental pillow

These are large square or rectangular pillows often used as decorative details, and they are placed against the bed’s headrest.


As you see, there are several models and types on the market, and picking the right linen, bedspread, cover, and pillow can be challenging. However, the style you have picked for your bedroom can give you indications regarding the most suitable models for your needs.

Once you’ve decided on the bedroom style, whether modern, industrial, boho, rustic, or farmhouse, you can pick the bed frame, linen, mattress, cover, and decorative details accordingly.

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