5 Strategies to Reduce Your Risk of Cyber Attacks

It’s an unfortunate reality of the world we live in that cyber attacks do happen—and if they happen to you, they can be very expensive to fix.

Luckily, with new technology and knowledge, reducing your risk of a cyber attack can be easy. It’s important to pay attention to your business’s cybersecurity and put the necessary barriers in place to protect your data and business.

Below are 5 strategies to reduce your risk of falling prey to cyber attacks.

Require a Strong Password 

One of the quickest and easiest ways to prevent a cyber attack is to require your employees to use a strong password for their accounts. Many online systems require this as it makes it harder to guess if someone is trying to get into it. If employees forget the password it is easy enough for them to reset it.

When setting the rules for a strong password make sure it requires them to use a combination of things. This could be uppercase characters, lowercase characters, punctuation, and being a certain length. 

Train Your Employees 

The more information you know about cyber attacks, the easier it will be to prevent one. This is why training your employees about them and things to look out for can reduce the chances of you receiving one.

For example, phishing attacks are extremely common. Through training, you can let your employees know about tips to avoid falling for phishing scams by following secure practices such as checking who the sender is, not opening suspicious or unexpected attachments, and confirming that links are legitimate by hovering the mouse over them before clicking.

Two-Factor Authentication 

The two-factor authentication process is becoming more and more common. Many secure companies, like your bank or PayPal, use this method, as it is extremely effective at deterring cyber attacks.

Two-factor authentication requires your employee to use two methods of authentication to log into their accounts. This could be through a password and a text to their phone, or a phone call with a pass code.

With this method in place, it can be very difficult for someone to break into your account, as even if they are successful in discovering your password or one form of authentication, there’s another barrier in place.

Have an IT Company Complete an IT Assessment of Your Network 

If you haven’t had an IT assessment before, then a company providing Hendricks IT services can help. A professional IT company can do an in-depth analysis of your business and confirm any potential security breaches.

Store Sensitive Data in the Cloud 

By using the cloud, you will benefit from not only having additional security, but also reduced chances of a cyber attack and improved options for business development. With technology evolving, many companies are opting to move to cloud storage due to its ease and security.

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