How to pick soccer boots

Football shoes can be compared to automobiles in that some people love sports vehicles, while others favor limos, and some people prefer manual transmissions while others cannot image driving without them.

Some people insist that the car must be black, while others demand that it be colored. Simply put, subjectivity. Yet, there are several factors like combustion, toughness, and quality that will be important. Similarly, this is what choosing football shoes is like for sports fans according to They must be of excellent quality and fit well, regardless of whether they are black, colored, or have an AG or SG sole. We’d like to provide you some guidance in this text to assist you in selecting football shoes.
When visiting the physical R-GOL store in Olsztyn, Gdask, or Ostróda, or searching for them online at, there are a few things to keep in mind.Then, consider the function of your shoes.

(FG, FG/AG) on natural grass

shoes made specifically for grassy surfaces. Ideal for playing on the unmolested, but also not overly muddy, fields.

Soft ground is best for natural wet grass (SG, SG-PRO)

The soft natural grass on the field is ideal for shoes. Good on a soggy pitch as well.About synthetic grass (TF/TT, AG, FxG)

shoes with a close-set pattern of tiny studs. suited for use on artificial grassy surfaces, such as orlik; AG is made specifically for such use. Similar to standard football shoes, these shoes include studs, but there are more of them and they are a little shorter. With short rubber studs, TF/TT. Using artificial grass, it offers excellent grip and high playing comfort. Ideal for the on the chilly ground.

Indoor footwear (IC, IN, IT)

Classic flat-soled footwear made for rubber and hardwood surfaces seen in sports halls. The sole is often constructed from a non-marking substance.This is the fundamental decision we must make. Sports shoes are available for practically any surface. Shoes are uniquely built, which results in their flawless adaptation to any pitch. Most crucially, it is difficult to file a complaint if we play in footwear that was not designed to be worn on the specified surface – read rules – and your shoes are damaged. Complaints, returns, and exchanges


Shoes for professional football players as well as amateurs and players from lower divisions who enjoy using top-notch football equipment. They provide the maximum level of game comfort because they are composed of the best materials. The most cutting-edge technologies are included in these sneakers.

shoes having a slightly distinct personality than formal footwear. Although having all of the essential characteristics of professional shoes, they are marginally less expensive than their equivalents made of more expensive materials in the key areas.


The best option for those who play football more than once a week but are not professional players. The materials utilized to make these sneakers make playing games with friends comfortable and enjoyable.


Sneakers for football lovers who enjoy watching but do not play professionally. Shoes made for amateur athletes who don’t overload their gear like professional athletes do.


The material from which your shoes should be constructed must be chosen after you have addressed the choice of soles and level of progress. Leather or synthetic should work here without any issues. Of fact, there are shoes made of these two materials, but there aren’t many of them available. If you choose leather shoes, keep in mind that it is more delicate than synthetic materials. Shoes made of leather require regular washing, polishing, and care. It is not a lazy person’s solution. Also, leather shoes tend to slant somewhat while you’re playing, so go for a size smaller. Care for synthetic shoes is not as vital while choosing them. Your shoes will be prepared with just a periodic rinse in plain water. Of fact, complete disregard for shoes may lead to very little time spent wearing them while playing.


The third step is to measure your feet, which you do by placing them on a white sheet of paper without socks and drawing a dash where it reaches the heel and the end of the big toe. The length should be measured using a ruler, and the results should be compared to the manufacturer’s recommended table sizes, which you can get at Keep in mind that choosing the incorrect size can damage both the shoe’s longevity and comfort throughout the game. Remember that socks have an impact on how comfortable the shoe is as well. Socks that are too high might leave marks and abrasions.Model, line, and brand

The final decision, which is wholly subjective, is the shoe manufacturer and line you want. Here, we offer no advice. We promise to have a wide range of equipment so that everyone can find something they want. Everything is dependent on your personal preferences and needs. We hope this article was useful to you as you browsed for shoes.

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