Top 5 most popular golf courses in Europe

Europe is home to some of the best golf courses in the world. But when it comes to ranking them on the scale of popularity, you would be surprised at the names that make it to the list. The popularity of golf courses depends on among other things, their location, tournaments they host, design, available amenities and number of golf holes. In this post, we narrow down to five of the most popular golf courses in Europe. 

For beginners looking to have a breathtaking golfing experience in Europe during summer, the Algarve Golf holidays are hard to resist. They come with exciting player packages, including exclusive offers for first-time visitors looking to sign up with golf clubs. Here is a list of our top selected popular golf courses spread across Europe:

  • Monte Rei-Portugal

If you thought Portugal is only popular because of the Algarve course, you should think again. The country has a rich golf history and hosts some of the most popular golfing places on the European continent. In particular, Monte Rei is both popular and breathtaking. Its location presents players with unmatched ambiance, thanks to surrounding beautiful natural settings. 

If you are a golfer looking to scale your experience on an 18-hole golf course, Monte Rei is the place to be this year. The 7,224-yard course is like no other on which you ever played in Portugal.

  • Villa d’Este-Italy 

In Italy, Villa d’Este is a must-visit golf course. Surrounded by pines, ash and chestnut trees, not to mention a breathtaking view of Lake Montorfarno beyond, you would never find a better golf course than this in the whole of Italy. It is one of the most challenging par-69 courses in Europe. 

  • Thracian Cliffs-Bulgaria

This is arguably one of the most unique and most popular golf courses in Europe. We would say there is none like it in the whole of Europe. The course features a breathtaking surrounding of the black sea and sea cliffs. The backdrop is nothing but exemplary. It is a dramatic place to play and everything looks set from the time you land here.

  • St. Andrews Links-Scotland

Make no mistake about it-Scotland still reigns supreme in the golfing world. The country has a rich golfing history. It is little wonder it hosts one of the most popular golf courses in continental Europe. St. Andrews Links (The Old course) is a dream for golfers. It features excellent facilities, including a golf academy and pro golfers shop.

  • Andermatt-Switzerland 

A backdrop of picturesque mountains makes Andermatt a top golf course in Europe. Its place in Switzerland’s golf history is undoubtedly prominent. The longest hit does mean you will endure a boring walk to recover the ball. Rather, the location of this par 72 golf course makes for an exciting golfing experience. In this place, golfers also have access to a well maintained and stocked clubhouse. 

Final Words

In the end, choosing a popular golf course from among Europe’s most sought-after destinations is never easy. Unless you have narrowed everything down to a crisp list featuring the best of the best, every golf course on the continent is inviting.

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