Investments in holiday homes: the opportunities of the post-covid market

The implications of our country’s health issue have had a significant impact on the tourist sector and, as a result, the vacation home market. Despite this unavoidable halt, industry analysts expect that the epidemic’s reinvention of lives and habits will be able to provide the sector a new push, changing the tourist rental market and investment in vacation homes.

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Locations shift.

Post-coronavirus, new fascinating situations for the vacation home market are emerging. First and foremost, analysts identify a trend to follow in investing in vacation homes outside of major economic centres: by focusing on places with high short-term development potential and cheaper real estate costs, it is feasible to gain a competitive edge.

In this respect, less recognised and less popular sites may emerge as more fascinating from a tourism standpoint, but nevertheless well supplied, particularly in the mountain and lake areas, which were previously neglected more than the sea, but which may now have a.

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Clever work as a fresh viewpoint
Those looking to invest in a vacation house may find that equipping it for smart working in the future adds value. Indeed, it has revealed in recent months that many workers have decided to undertake smart working from vacation destinations, taking use of the facilities and attractions of these areas at the end of the working day and on weekends.

According to the statistics, the average time of stay of the “tourist” in smart working has increased from one to two or even three weeks, making it a pretty intriguing prospective market for the purposes of a tourist rental, particularly during seasons that are traditionally seen as less appealing

(in fact, it is easy to imagine this type of booking spread throughout the year and not just in the high season).

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From second to top place at home
Longer term, it is not impossible that many of what are presently or may be holiday houses will become first home options. Moreover, given the cheaper rates in many less popular tourist destinations and in southern Italy, as well as the new opportunities afforded by remote employment, an increasing number of individuals may opt to reside in small towns and repopulate towns that are often depopulated after the tourist season.

Specialists, on the other hand, regard this possibility as more likely in the long term and following a significant paradigm change, since it would be a true trend reversal, which might distort the existing notion of living towards a more new, characterised as ” smart communities “.

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