6 Keto-Friendly Meal Ideas for Eating While on the Go

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can opt for a keto-friendly diet. It may be challenging; however, you’ll witness the benefits with time.

We’ll now look into some of the keto-friendly meal ideas that you can try out on the go, and they include:

1.    Low-Carb Burrito Bowls

One burrito wrap has at least 300 calories. Considering the keto diet is low in carbs, you should avoid burrito wraps and shells. Fortunately, you can try out the burrito bowl considering it is low on carbs.

You can opt for a leafy green as the base, considering it has fewer carbs. You can then opt for fats and proteins of your choice. Ensure you’ve avoided beans, corn, and tortilla chips.

You should opt for high-fat and options that have low carbs, including avocado, cheese, fresh herbs, and onions.

2.    Low-Carb Salads

The salads offered at fast-food restaurants contain high amounts of carbs. To ensure that your salad has a limited amount of carbs, you should not use certain ingredients, especially those with added sugar.

Avoid fruits and other sweet dressings such that you’ll end up having a keto-friendly meal.

The best way to minimize the carbs is to opt for dressings that are low in carbs and high in fat. Candied nuts and breaded chicken should be avoided at all costs.

3.    Consume Beverages that are Keto-Friendly

The beverages offered by roadside restaurants contain huge amounts of sugar. Some of these beverages include sweet tea and milkshakes. Fortunately, there are certain beverages that you can take on the go, and they are keto-friendly; some of them include coffee with cream, soda water, unsweetened iced tea, and hot tea that has lemon juice.

You can also use no-calorie sweeteners such as Stevia. You can place the sweetener in your car since it comes in handy when you want to sweeten certain beverages without necessarily adding carbs.

4.    Bunless Chicken Sandwich

If you want to have a keto-friendly snack, you should keep it simple. Place an order for grilled chicken but leave the buns out. High-at toppings can be introduced considering they’re nutritious, and you’ll manage to stay in ketosis. Some fast-food restaurants have such options. Feel free to ask whenever you need a bunless chicken sandwich.

As you place an order for grilled chicken, some of the items you should avoid include the ones marinated using sweet sauces such as maple syrup and honey.

5.    Bunless Burgers

The burgers usually have a considerable amount of carbs. If you want a keto-friendly snack, you should opt for the bunless burgers. You’ll then incorporate any toppings that suit you.

Some of the popular toppings with high-carb levels include ketchup, honey mustard sauce, breaded onions, and teriyaki sauce. Such toppings should be replaced with salsa, a fried egg, mayo, lettuce, onions, tomato, or ranch dressing.

Different restaurants will be ready to sell you a bun-less burger with toppings of your choice. When you add a simple salad, you will improve the fiber intake.

6.    Egg-Based Breakfasts

Some people find it challenging to choose a keto breakfast option. Fortunately, most restaurants usually serve eggs, and they are suitable for people who are strictly on a ketogenic diet. The eggs are high in protein and fat. Also, they have low carb levels.

Ensure that your order is keto-friendly, considering that some of the accompaniments include bread, and they contain a significant amount of carbs.

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