What Will Life Be Like in 2030?

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When you take a look at what humanity has achieved in a century (a mere blink of the eye in our history), it is pretty amazing. It was 60 years ago that we put men on the moon, then came the International Space Station, and now we have Elon Musk launching 60 5G satellites per launch, with a rocket that returns to base. The pace of new tech development is astounding, getting faster as we develop quicker and more powerful chips, and let’s not forget artificial intelligence (AI), which has the potential to take us to another dimension. Before we take a look at 2030, let’s take a look at the past decade; 2011-2020, and see what arrived in that time.

Tech Equipment

This was the wireless era, and if you look at the access control machines at subway stations, the digital vending machines we see every day on our commute, the huge digital advertising signs that suddenly appeared out of thin air, with leading UK companies such as Rhenus High Tech Ltd, who transport, install and configure such equipment, our streets are changing.

The Year 2030

You will be able to buy a ‘human robot’, and while this will be new tech, the machine will look like a human, it will interact with you and what’s more it will remember what you say and what you do, so you won’t have to tell him or her how you like your coffee. You will be able to have a basic conversation with your automated servant, however, tech is not yet there for deep and meaningful dialogue, but nevertheless, your companion will do pretty much everything for you, from making your coffee to mowing the lawn.

Cashless Society

We’re already on that journey in 2020 and after ten years, cash will be well and truly obsolete, with everyone having credits. It is looking like Bitcoin will become the leading digital currency, and you will be be able to travel the world, with only your smartphone, the device that controls your life. We already have blockchain technology and by 2030, this will be the way to store all important data – your entire life will be on a blockchain, where you studied, graduated, what assets you own, everything about a person will be on a blockchain platform, which is apparently unhackable!

Electric Vehicles

There may still be internal combustion engine vehicles on the road in 2030, but they are no longer manufactured, and are either being phased out or have disappeared completely, save for the museum. Indeed, fossil fuels will be non-existent, as solar and wind power provide us with all the energy we need. This will rejuvenate the planet, which will recover very quickly, making Earth a much nicer place for all living things, and your smart-home will control everything from opening the garage doors to taking out the trash.

Air travel will see some amazing developments, with cross Atlantic flights taking a couple of hours, and there are those who wonder if all this technology is good for us in the long term.

Only time will tell.

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