How Amazon is Using Social Media Influencers to Expand its Reach

Amazon is one of the greatest companies to ever emerge from this country. They have gotten this far by understanding trends and knowing what investments to make to get ahead. Recently, the company flew a group of social media influencers to a Mexican resort as part of their “Amazon influencers” program

The New York Post reports that these influencers spent three days at the luxury resort, Paradero Todos Santos, in Baja California Sur state. 

The Amazon Influencers Program is an affiliate marketing program that helps influencers monetize their content, and which has the impact of raising Amazon’s profile among their social media followers. Most of us buy on Amazon at least once in a while, so this isn’t just about winning new customers, it’s also about building deeper relationships with customers. Companies typically work with influencers because in today’s environment, customers are resistant to traditional advertising. Instead, they prefer to have a trusted person vouch for a product or service, or a whole company. Influencers have built relationships with their followers that allow them to steer their followers toward Amazon and its products in a natural way. 

To cement these relationships with influencers, the customer engages in the kinds of events that this group of influencers enjoyed. Three days at a luxury resort enjoying the kind of experience that would ordinarily cost $600 a night. For Amazon, it’s well worth the money, and if we’re honest, Amazon can afford it. 

Social media influencers are an important part of any marketing strategy. Whether you’re telling people about your dermani medspa franchising investment, or selling a skincare product, social media influencers are able to reach out to a broad audience in a way that advertising simply cannot. 

The trip was also an opportunity for the company to showcase some of its products. For instance, Amazon hosted a “Prime Video movie night”, on the beach near the resort. That night, the company dubbed the beach, “Kindle Beach Oasis”. The influencers had a chance to look at various “internet famous” items sold on Amazon. 

Kirsten Titus, one of the influencers who got to go on the trip, documented it in a YouTube video, and you can see how happy the influencers must have been to participate. That kind of positive feeling is infectious, and it helps Amazon reach customers who would otherwise be indifferent to an ad. If you’re a follower, and you’re seeing how happy Amazon has made the influencer you’re following, you will associate positive feelings with Amazon. For Amazon, that’s a win and is worth more than any advert. 

A company like Amazon will typically choose to work with a broad array of influencers. So, rather than having one big ad, they will target communities of influencers who will reach out to their followers. Globally, Amazon is still able to reach a broad audience using this micro-targeting strategy. Here’s an example of what that means. Raye Boyce is a mom, and her content reflects that, so that gives Amazon a different kind of audience to what Titus offers. Boyce was treated to a “mommy self-care day”, which she documented on Instagram

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