Solve the Affordable Workforce-Housing Crisis in the Manner of Maxwell Drever

In high-cost towns, cities, and countries, low-income families and individuals must make trade-offs for finding and keeping housing that they can afford. These trade-offs result in low-quality housing that impacts safety and health in most cases. 

When these are left unaddressed, security and quality issues pop up. These issues are not new and have always been there in society. However, the worldwide pandemic has provided an impetus to this growing challenge. Hence, it directly links well-being and the overall lifestyle of the medium-income group. 

Renters are reluctant to report unsafe conditions to enforcement officials because they fear losing the limited options of affordable housing. It is because the supply of affordable housing is low. There is always a gap between demand and supply. 

In the current scenario, a positive role of every section of society will help generate promising results. In such a situation, governments and private institutions must come forward to help solve this issue of poor quality living and the overall condition of the medium-income group. Landlords and hotel owners must initiate repurposing of their properties into residential units, explains Maxwell Drever

Remember that the repurposing of these properties will generate enough revenue for supporting the owners and landlords. Hence, it is beneficial both ways. 

Use of housing policy for improving safety and quality of housing

Since the crisis of affordable housing has taken a global stance, it has impacted human lives in several ways. High authorities must be cautious of the needs of the communities and engage in a proactive approach for ensuring the integrity and safety of housing. Higher authorities must monitor the existing housing market and see a quality housing supply in the present situation. Housing inspection and enforcement of the housing code have become the need of the hour. 

Offering solutions 

Another practical solution for the affordable housing crisis is working with owners of hotels and properties for a dressing building code. Code enforcement may help ensure that the existing housing remains habitable and safe. Maxwell Drever says the restriction imposed by these building codes is well established in high-cost towns, cities, and countries. Hence, loosening these building codes has become the need of the hour. Higher authorities must focus on support and assistance and remedy the code and other norms in the building sector. 

The proactive role of the Government for effective outcomes

It comes without saying that the state and federal governments have to play a positive role. The problem needs considerable solution by providing assistance and incentives to hotel owners and real estate investors. Irrespective of the nature and size of ownership, these policies may benefit them in undertaking such a complex task. 

Remember that local programs may offer access to funds and tax incentives. Also, they encourage these projects with expert advice and monitoring. These can go a long way in heightening the safety and quality of the housing units. Builders and Government should come together to make the dream a reality.  

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