How MVHR Systems Can Improve Your Home

While an MVHR system is a simple piece of technology, it has an array of benefits for homeowners. Not only does the unit provide you with a constant and controlled supply of fresh air, but it also removes the stale air, reduces our carbon footprint, and can help remove bad odours.

Are you wondering whether an MVHR system is worth your time and money? If so, here is a more in-depth explanation of the wonderful benefits an MVHR unit can bring and why it is a smart investment. 

Reduced Risk of Health Issues

Harmful pollutants are found in common household items such as paints and cleaning products and will consequently build up within your home. While it is normal for such pollutants to be found in home products, you want to avoid them sticking to furnishings such as furniture, carpets and curtains. However, removing them can take time, and with modern houses being more airtight than ever, there is a risk of these pollutants building up and not being extracted quick enough.

An MVHR system will filter the air within your home, removing these pollutants and refreshing the air quality within the property. This is ideal for homeowners who live within cities and do not wish to open their windows often due to loud noises and pollution caused by passing transport. This page at has more information on choosing a unit.

Reduced Carbon Footprint and Energy Bills

Most of us are aware that there is a climate crisis, and so many of us are looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly in our day to day living. One great way to live a greener lifestyle is by using less heating within our homes, but during the winter months, this can make for uncomfortable living arrangements. However, an MVHR unit removes the air within our home but separates the heat while filtering and returns it so that we do not have to reheat the air. This reduces the amount of wasted heat associated with traditional methods of refreshing the air within the home by opening windows. 

Fights Against Bad Odours

Pets and cooking can leave a bad odour within our homes, and sometimes the smell can linger for a few days at a time. An MVHR unit can reduce the unfortunate lingering of bad odours by replacing the old air with fresh air instead. This is ideal for homeowners who may have a dog or cat as pet odours can stick to furnishings easily. 

Getting an MVHR Unit Installed

It is essential to remember that to get the very best air filtration from an MVHR unit, this requires proper installation from a trained professional. Poor installation can cause performance gaps to appear and reduce the efficiency of the system, slowing down the rate at which it filters your indoor air and removes harmful pollutants. 

The benefits of an MVHR system are plentiful. Not only do you reduce the risk of health issues, but you can reside in your home knowing that you can breathe in fresh, clean air that is not only good for your wellbeing, but also good for your energy bills.

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