Does Your Cloud Server Need Better Security?

The cloud has become increasingly popular over recent years, with more and more business owners and IT managers recognising the benefits that using cloud-based software brings about.

However, any organisation that switches their IT over to a cloud server needs to give some serious consideration to the safety and security of their information. How secure is the cloud? 

Most cloud software providers operate on a shared responsibility model, where, while they will take responsibility for ensuring that the platform and infrastructure are inherently safe and secure, internal security falls on users. The onus is on you as the end user to ensure that login credentials allowing you to access the cloud, endpoint access, and other user-related security is maintained.

It is generally accepted that because cloud storage is housed in data centers staffed by highly qualified individuals and teams, it is probably safer than data held conventionally on your premises. It is important, though, when you are looking for a cloud software provider to make sure you choose a trustworthy and reliable one. 

Of course, you need to take steps yourself on the business end to keep everything safe. Here are some tips to help you:

Implement Two-Step Authentication Methods

The standard username and password combination is not enough these days to protect your information, especially that of a sensitive and confidential nature. Hackers and other cybercriminals can easily get through this, and once they have access to your cloud credentials, they can wreak havoc.

You need to put in a two-step authentication method. This might involve face recognition, fingerprint recognition or SMS confirmation. Many cloud servers will deem it negligent if you don’t have two-step authentication in place.

Keep on Top of User Access

Aim to have an ‘as few people, as little access’ policy. It is very rare that everyone in your organisation needs access to all of the data. Setting tight authorisation methods means that only the people who absolutely need to access it can, because the fewer people that can get to it, the smaller the potential for the data to be misused.

Also ensure that as soon as people leave the organisation, their access is revoked immediately. This prevents any disgruntled former employees from causing you problems.

Monitor End-User Activity

Real-time tracking and analysis of end-user activities can help you spot anomalies that stray from normal usage patterns, e.g., logins from a previously unknown IP or device. 

These unusual activities could indicate a breach in your system so catching them quickly can stop cybercriminals in their paths and allow you to fix security issues before they cause even bigger problems.

Generally speaking, cloud computing is a much more cost-effective option and is certainly safer if you take the right precautions and go with a trusted provider. It’s often a good idea to partner with IT professionals who deal with both cloud hosting and cybersecurity, like a trusted IT company in White Plains, in order to find the best cloud solutions for your business.

Following industry best practices in selecting, installing, providing and managing cloud services can help you get the most out of cloud services while maintaining a high level of security to protect your confidential material.

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