Types of Garden Furniture

Your backyard area can consist of a garden, patio, or deck, and you can improve its look by adding furniture. Garden chairs and tables significantly impact your exterior space, and you should pick them carefully.

This furniture is available in different designs, spoiling homeowners for choice. It will help to take time when shopping for garden furniture to pick the best. Features of good garden furniture are withstanding adverse weather conditions, among others. Below we discuss the various types of garden furniture;

  1. Aluminum Furniture

This furniture is light, easy to clean, rustproof, and needs no treatment or painting. This furniture is ideal for the garden area because they are easy to move around. This applies when you want to return them inside cold conditions, increasing the lifespan of the furniture.

However, it will help to keep in mind that you cannot fold these chairs and look for other storage options. It would help if you also bought cushions to be more comfortable when sitting.

  1. Resin Furniture

Resin or plastic furniture is affordable and lightweight. This furniture is durable, weather-resistant, and standard in most households. Plastic furniture is easy to clean and should be stored away from the sun to retain its shine.

The main advantage of plastic furniture is its comfortability, and you do not need additional cushions.

  1. Synthetic Furniture

Synthetic rattan is made using coated, and woven plastic strands and is durable, light, and water-resistant. Manufactured furniture is ideal since it needs no treatments or painting. This furniture is frost and water-resistant and withstands UV rays, meaning it does not fade even when left out for long.

Synthetic furniture is available in different types and is affordable.

  1. Natural Wicker Furniture

Natural wicker furniture blends perfectly in all gardens and is beautiful. This furniture is lightweight but not hardwearing. It must be stored in indoor spaces when not in use to prolong its lifespan.

This furniture must also be waterproofed annually and has complex maintenance tips.

  1. Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is, without a doubt, the most compelling type of garden furniture, and it blends with garden settings perfectly. However, the main disadvantage of wooden garden furniture is that it needs frequent maintenance.

The best type of wooden furniture includes cypress, cedar, and redwood.

  1. Steel Furniture

Wrought or iron furniture is durable and robust. This furniture is not stored inside a house due to its weight, but this should not be a concern. When installing this furniture, one thing to avoid is not to place it directly on the lawn because you cannot mow beneath it.

The steel furniture also needs cushions and pillows for comfortability.

  1. Benches

Benches are among the most common outdoor furniture because of their advantages. They are an intimate and informal addition to all gardens and give your garden a welcoming feeling. These gardens are made using different materials and are comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Garden furniture is an excellent addition to your backspace, and the above article should help you to make an informed decision. The best garden furniture includes benches, synthetic, and steel furniture.

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