Why and how to adopt an animal at the SPA?

We no longer present the SPA, an emblematic association of animal protection and well-being. Did you know that his motto is “Save-Protect-Love”. Values ​​that sum up the action of the Society for the Protection of Animals on a daily basis.

But the findings are alarming. Each year, more than 44,000 animals are abandoned in France (source SPA 2022). This often results from a spontaneous, impulsive and unconsidered choice. Faced with the responsibilities and the daily commitment to take care of a pet, people often cowardly abandon their dog or cat.

That is why, when taking a pet, it is important to contact the SPA.

What are the reasons for going through the SPA? What are the costs and benefits? We explain this to you.

Why adopt an animal with the SPA?

When welcoming a new companion into your home, it is easier to turn to the classifieds and breeders to find a puppy. But contacting the Society for the Protection of Animals to adopt a cat or a dog offers many advantages and satisfactions Read more for more information.

To do a good deed

This is indeed one of the main reasons to go through the SPA. You are going to take in an abandoned animal, open your home and offer it love and security. Isn’t that reason enough?

You will also be helping a good cause. The SPA is an association of law 1901 recognized of public utility. Its activity is of public interest and recognized by the State.

Benefit from the advice of SPA specialists

Volunteers or permanent staff of the SPA are trained to provide you with advice and information before adoption. After asking you various questions about your family, your way of life, your accommodation, he directs you to the animal that best meets your criteria. For a very active dog, avoid placing him in an apartment in the middle of town . Each animal is observed for several weeks in order to identify its character and behavior.

Moreover, once adopted, you are not alone with your animal. The SPA staff remains at your disposal to ensure integration follow-up and provide you with answers to your questions. There is real long-term support.

Medically monitored animals

As soon as they are accommodated and welcomed at the SPA, dogs and cats (or any other animals) have a health check-up, so they will be up-to-date vaccines, identified with a chip and sterilized animals that you will adopt.

The aim is to inform you of the state of health of the animal, to find out if possible its history.

Finally, there is also an action on the education of the dog. The SPA uses positive education methods to socialize your future animal. A re-education is carried out there so that the adoption takes place in the best conditions.

What animals can be found at the SPA?

The image of the SPA is the refuge for dogs and cats. Wrongly, because the Society for the Protection of Animals, as its name suggests, welcomes horses, goats, rams, sheep and even pigs. With the enthusiasm of the French for new pets, you will also find rodents such as chinchillas or gerbils, rabbits or birds.

Unlike a pet store, you will find dogs and cats of all ages. This is the advantage of adoption at the SPA, because depending on your desires or your availability, you can take an older dog whose education is almost already done or a young puppy to whom you will have to learn everything. such as cleanliness, basic commands and socializing them.

How to adopt an animal at the SPA?

The SPA provides a whole process for adoption. The goal is obviously to ensure that you can properly take care of your future animal and that the risk of abandonment is zero.

First of all, and of course, you must be of legal age to qualify for adoption.

You will then have an interview with one of the volunteers or managers of the shelter. He will ask you about your motivations, your way of life, your past experiences with animals; this is part of responsible adoption. It would not be wise to entrust a fearful cat to a family with children. So that’s the whole point of these interviews.

A form prior to the adoption will therefore have to be completed, where you will be asked the type of accommodation you have or how do you plan to have your animal looked after during your holidays.

For any adoption, the certificate of commitment and knowledge will be necessary.

dog adoption price

What is the cost of adoption at the SPA?

By adopting an animal at the SPA, you will contribute to covering the operating costs of the refuge. Your financial contribution to the adoption will therefore cover the veterinary costs received by the dog or cat such as vaccines, sterilization costs, identification and various treatments.

This participation is variable depending on the species you wish to adopt.

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